Friday, December 30, 2016

Secret History : Kinsey's Pedophiles


Anonymous said...

The late Dr. Stan Monteith did a great job of repeatedly bringing up Kinsey's fraudulent research, and how the Rockefeller Foundation assisted.

And he interviewed someone who showed how Hugh Hefner was a virgin in college until he read Kinsey's works and that made him give that up and start Playboy.

Kinsey's BS claims led people to think that homosexuality was far more prevalent than it really is. Official Canadian and U.S. statistics reliably show that only around 1.6% of the population is homosexual but Kinsey had people believing it was at least 10% and with some expressing degrees of it at an even higher %.

The fact that they made a sympathetic movie about a pseudoscientific fraud is very revealing. He did indeed make a great contribution to the great societal transformation that was in the works.

Scorpio said...

Yes, Rockefeller funded Kinsey and assisted in his meteoric rise to fame. Also, it's an early example of how 'science' can be weaponized.

I couldn't help but notice how large The Kinsey Institute building is....what do those people do in there all day?