Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pure Comedy Gold Thanks to Wanda


SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I wouldn't call this guys work "Comedy" Mami,He deserves respect. This guy is laying it out at a different level than most who can see. He is attracting people that appear to be interested in codes & numerology and taking the mask off the Jew in everyday life.

I subscribed to this guys channel a long time ago, when he had like 8 subs just because he will call out a JEW in public & will go toe to toe and Rock a JEW Ass Lickers face if needed.

This Guy brings something to the table besides TALK.
I Love people that have the Balls to go for the Neck when they are alone!

1melahat said...

His videos are a good laugh but he is probably a jew shill. First, he looks like a 100% jew. Second, he says the earth doesn't spin and there is no space beyond the sun and moon so he is a flat earther and a christian bible believing muppet. Here he is under a channel named Rick Ferrer showing his face and looking like he is reading off of another screen for a very well prepared presentation.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Rick Ferrer must be his backup channel? I heard he was Armenian and if so would explain his Hate for the Jew. I only care about the Meat & Potatoes (Fucking over the Serpent Race) 24/7
I am not nice about it like Charles Giuliani, I want all that DNA Smashed into Jew Dust!
In this guys own special way, he is grabbing the attention of people that would have been locked in their closets for the rest of here lives.

On his last video, Lesson 194, someone committed: {I have no life now and have not for quite sometime. See, I'm the first to view your vid! Thank you for your excellent skills: entertainment, enlightenment, and editing.} This is the kind of people he is attracting.
If I was a Jew, I would be shitting myself knowing these people are among the Sleeping Goyim.

1melahat said...

Yes I see the Armenian in him. They were the Jews who converted and created Christianity to become the first Christian nation. Jews call them Amelek and want to destroy them like they did in the Armenian Genocide so his hatred of Jews and Judaism is understandable. I hope to live to see the day the Jews pay seven fold for ALL their crimes for the past 3,000 years and an end to the trinity of Abrahamic fairy tales used as mind control for herding of the sheep.
This guy's very funny but I don't personally believe that the majority of those in the alternative media who push flat earth are true believers in it so if he's not a shill he is a little nutty and people who recommend him will get smeared as flat earther morons. As you know those who push that the earth is flat also push real conspiracies like the moon landings, holocaust, chemtrails, Jews heavily involved in 9/11, vaccines, ect. Defamation by association like David Duke and the KKK. Most people dismiss him without ever hearing a word he's said. It's interesting because Mr. Rick Ferrero, jewrassic liars, also calls D.D. and brother Nathaniel shills even though they are both doing the same kind of work as him in exposing the Jews.