Saturday, February 4, 2017

Oh, Canada! The Suicide Mission of the Trudeau Government

ED Noor: I grew up in the golden age of Canada. I even remember the old Canadian flag before it was judaicized into what we have now, a leaf. My family helped found this nation, among the first French boatload of settlers from France with Jacques Cartier in the early 1500's before there were even any women. I was raised to love this country, and still do; but its politics  are changing and people such as yours truly are not considered worth much more than a drain on resources (the "useless eater" syndrome). 
Awhile back someone suggested I "check my white privilege" and my response could truly be, "my so-called white privilege helped create this nation with much sweat, labour, and dead babies buried in the wilderness. We earned it."
I would say that what was done to the people of the American hinterlands, their disenfranchment with the Democratic policies, those who came out from their hidden places and voted in President Trump, is now taking place in our own northern "land of the free". Trudeau... Obama... same miserable Communist agenda. (aka NWO/JWO) They are ignoring the heretofore silent people of the little prairie towns and villages so far away from the uban immigrant centers of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. 

I left Toronto when it began to turn brown in significant numbers back in 1981.  I saw certain once pristine areas of the city deteriorate under neglect and apathy towards the environment over relatively short periods of time. Then I left.  
On my return visit last spring I was astonished (not shocked) to see just how different things are today. My Eurasian children were raised in a climate I understand here on the West Coast that has become a mad liberal haven on both sides of the border. A sibling once sneered at me, regarding my children being raised in a very British town, "Well you raised them White" as if that were an insult. But I suppose I have since they are married to Norsemen, products of the last wave of immigrants to Canada which were predominantly European! 

Just saying, these immigrations policies cost Canadians $95,890,000 per day.  So far in 2017 Canada has paid out almost $4 BILLION dollars on this.  Trudeau is a full-fledged Communist patsy, a tool of the JWO/NWO who dances to the drums of Israel, our country was long Judaicized before his election, however, he is more than happy to serve Talmudic interests. 

Trudeau is to Canada what Obama was to America. I have said that before; I state it again with even more emphasis. 

For those born-and-raised in Canada, it is with shock and amazement that we come to understand our current Liberal government’s social agenda for the future of our nation.

As months pass since our federal election, the people of Canada are coming to recognize a profound truth: the pre-election campaign and the post-election platform of the Liberal Party are two very different entities. Indeed, beyond myriad broken promises and deficit miscalculations, the Liberal Party of Canada are intent upon engineering the greatest social transformation in Canadian history.

Plainly stated, the ruling Liberal government of Canada has a death wish. This ominous condition, however, has little to do with putting an end to Islamic terrorism, global warming, or any other societal malady. 

This death wish is of the cultural variety, and if successful, will result in the demise of our nation’s two founding communities ~ English and French Canada.

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