Friday, February 3, 2017

Therapists treat post-election anxiety

Donald Trump Anxiety Disorder is Spreading Like Wildfire Among
Insecure Idiots, Hippies and Liberals Basket Cases

DENVER -- The first days of the Trump administration are off to a busy start. The president has started the process of keeping his promises on a variety of issues, pleasing supporters while deepening the political divide in America.

Many of those not happy with Trump's initiatives have described what some therapists are calling "Trump anxiety disorder."

Experts in the medical field told FOX31 the anxiety is high. Patients have been losing sleep, wondering what our president will do or tweet next. Whether it’s seen a positive or negative -- both Republicans and Democrats agree, President Trump is in many ways, unpredictable.

“He’s different than what we’ve normally had as president," Ashley Mann, a Denver Trump supporter said.
Mann is looking forward to the next four years. She likes how President Trump is shaking up "business as usual" in Washington, D.C. But there are others who could not disagree more.

“I’ve been fighting a lot of depression, especially since the election," said a Denver woman on the 16th Street Mall Tuesday.

Licensed professional counselor Evelyn Green said more and more of her clients are suffering from "Trump anxiety."

“People are very fearful," she said.

With such a polarizing presidential election, those on the right say had Clinton won they might need professional help too. The concerns talked about in Green’s office run the gamut.

“If they’re young couples with children, they’re very concerned that the environmental issues are not being looked at," said Green.

Green is encouraging her clients to do meditation, eat well, sleep well, exercise -- and in some cases -- get involved in politics.

“The only way people get and maintain freedom is by facing down people who are oppressive," said Green.
So whether you’re a Trump supporter or not a fan, there's something most everyone can agree on -- the Trump presidency will continue to have people talking.

In today’s world of constant information and social media, common expert advice is to disconnect periodically and relax.


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