Monday, May 15, 2017

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2017.05.15

E. Michael Jones on his book Barren Metal, British Empiricism vs German Idealism

Dr. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss in his book Barren Metal which examines the contrast between British Empiricism and German Idealism. We talk about how the Anglo system of state-sponsored usury contrasted with German idea of labor and why this conflict of visions culminated in the two world wars of the 20th century.

Dr. Jones is a historian, prolific writer and editor of Culture Wars magazine. Among his many books are The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, The Slaughter of Cities, Barren Metal : A History of Capitalism as the Conflict Between Labor and Usury and the most recent The Broken Pump in Tanzania: Julius Nyerere and the Collapse of Development Economics. His books and a subscription to Culture Wars can be purchased at

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Panzerfaust said...

I have listened to podcast and radio interviews for decades and this one ranks in the top five, no, it's the most instructive lecture on history and how it relates to the wars and political upheavals that have brought us to this sordid point in history. Thank you Mr. Jones and thank you host.

telena helotova said...

made me see the british ruling class as the shitheels they are, also they lost all their land to the jews who infested them with their matrilineal. hi mucks in france observed how their froiends in england looked like jews but look at france my gawd it is woirse than here, but here is getting worse fast parasitical jew infestation is almost complete here.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Great show. Another excellent book by EM Jones.

Maggot said...

Warship John De Maggotschild