Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Alternative Cartoons 2017.06.24

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ExposingZionistEvil said...

This pathetic fool has a NOTORIOUSLY-severe cocaine-addiction, and his severe addiction is the reason that he bought FIFTY (50) mansions, and squandered nearly his entire fortune, of OVER $500,000,000--ONE-HALF BILLION DOLLARS.

His "friends" should have FORCED him, by any means that they were able, to go into rehabilitation for his severe cocaine-addiction, but they, obviously and apparently, did fuck-all, because, well, they are his "friends"...

What a fucking pitiful train-wreck of a man with ENORMOUS talent.


Panzerfaust said...

People subjected to sexual abuse when young frequently enter into a state of stunted emotional maturity and fall into severe substance addiction. I'm not saying that is the final word on Depp but he did break into Hollyweird at a young age.