Friday, July 28, 2017

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2017.07.27

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

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t brad said...

all i can say is wtf????

foon1e said...

I was eaten by a massive alien lizard once...but i got better! ;)

Urahara said...

Haven't heard it yet but I can assume the alien stuff is at least better than hearing about, for the millionth time, about how white people built two story buildings and the outburst, no matter what subject we're talking about (like ice cream), where he talks about black and muslim IQ scores etc. I have hope niether one of those will eb talked about in this 2 hour time waster.

By the way, for someone who is so above this and that, him and Jordan Maxwell were rather egotistical about themselves the other day. Just throwing that out there.

Erik Paul said...

foon lives!

zapoper said...

Apparently those lizard people don't chew when they eat people. He must have mixed up the dates by at least a decade because I had a computer in 1982. The whole two hours sounded like it was taken from bad science fiction movies.

I think that the last time that I laughed so much was after taking mushrooms some 25-30 years ago. And yes, my abs hurt today. LOL

Urahara said...

You listened to the whole 2 hours Zapoper? I had to stop when they had to see Einstein back then but, they couldn't bother with Tesla until he got into an alien ship cause no one but him wanted to see Tesla. Had it with the nonsense right then and there.

zapoper said...

You know when you unwittingly start watching a B movie and it's so bad that you end up watching the whole thing just for the laughs? Well this is what happened to me last night with this show.

BTW. The guy speaks English as if he barely made it out of high-school. "And stuff" LOL

ExposingZionistEvil said...

How do ANY of us know "the truth"?

How can ANY of you people say, WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, that there are NOT literal alien-over-lords, ruling-over the entirety of common-humanity?


given everything that we all know about "the real world", and ESPECIALLY about how DU--"depleted"-uranium--has been indiscriminately-used to poison entire NATIONS, I am much-more-inclined to believe that this is "The Grand Truth", than anything else.

I am not saying--NOT AT ALL--that this guy is legitimate, or his stories are real, but God damn it, People--SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY-FUCKING-WRONG WITH "REALITY", and there MUST be something truly frightening and awful that comprises "The Grand Truth" , for there to be so much misery inflicted upon us, all.

I stand-by everything that I said, 100%.


zapoper said...

Nobody is debating if Aliens exist or not. This guy is full of shit end of story.

Go troll somewhere else Lindsey.


Urahara said...

Speaking of movies so bad that they're good, I highly recommend this:

Steven Lovett said...

Inflicted upon us ? or inflicted on ourselves ?

ExposingZionistEvil said...

I am NOT a "troll", nor DO I "troll"--neither am a verb, nor noun.

I have not, yet, listened to the program, and he IS probably full-of-shit, but who is NOT full-of-shit is John Walson. There ARE enormous craft of-some-kind, in Earth's orbit, and I want to know what-the-FUCK is going-on, because this is beyond "abnormal". As I said, if there ARE alien-over-lords, ruling over all of us, and are using either traitors-to-humanity as their minions, or aliens-looking-like-humans, then THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY OUR "LEADERS" ARE SO FUCKING IN-HUMAN, IN THEIR GOVERNANCE, AND LITERAL TREASON AGAINST COMMON-HUMANITY, EITHER BY MANUFACTURED-WARS AND -TERRORISM, THE WAY THAT THEY DESTROY PEOPLE AND NATIONS VIA ECONOMICS, ETC.

"Something" is terribly, terribly wrong, People, AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU KNOWS IT.


Urahara said...

But the real question we should be asking Lindsey is this- can the aliens build a 2 story structures? According to Jeff, that is the utmost important question one can ask right now.

Erik Paul said...

Didn't Nixon say "I am not a troll?" ...or something.

t brad said... are troll and many know it

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Is there not anyone here who can be serious and HONEST--just for once? I have brought-up very valid, and critically-important, points, and none of you are able to dis-agree, which tells-me-everything.

Look, in-light of ENORMOUS evidence that there are UFO's, and have been THROUGHOUT human-history, and ALL of the stories of "the gods coming from the skies", I think that it is time for people to start to VERY SERIOUSLY-CONSIDER that what we are dealing with, in the full-macrocosm, is literally out-of-this-world, and we, TRULY, are completely powerless.



ExposingZionistEvil said...

I was personally-involved, back in 1997, with getting the STS-80 tape to the biggest names, at the time, including Art Bell, and tried, desperately, to get the NBC affiliate in my city to run-a-story on the evidence. The guy who came to my home was a low-level employee at NBC--a camera-man, in-fact--, and I had THE ACTUAL VHS TAPE THAT WAS THE FIRST-GENERATION-RECORDING, DIRECTLY FROM THE GUY IN CALIFORNIA, WHOM HAD RECORDED IT, "LVE", FROM NASA-TV, AT THE TIME.

Do you know what his reaction was, to what he was seeing, in VERY high-quality, for its time?

He could not fucking believe that this was really happening, and was both excited, and nervous, because he, HONESTLY-TO-GOD, thought that he was out-of-his-league, and that this was MUCH-too-important for someone like him to be involved with it.

We made a copy of the tape, he took the copy with him back to the NBC station in Atlanta, and a week, or so, later, I called him to ask him what is going on--he said that "As amazing as the video is, our station-director doesn't believe that it is something that we can do a story on, because it is not 'local'. Lindsey, you would do much better getting this to a national-broadcaster, like CNN, than with a local-affiliate, because they deal with major news, while we are focused more on local-news". I told him that was "FUCKING BULLSHIT", and he knows it, and he apologized profusely, and said that there was nothing more that he could do, especially in his lowly-position.

That changed-my-life, in a number-of-ways--that whole incident.

Anyway, here it is, for you all to witness:


ExposingZionistEvil said...

NB: There is A LOT that I could discuss about all of this, including how Richard Hoagland stole-the-credit from me, and instead of bringing me on-the-air, AGAIN, to appear on "Coast-to-Coast AM", he took all of my work, including the tape that I mailed directly to him, and peripheral-information that I had, PERSONALLY, investigated, and took-the-credit for the work that I had done, getting this information out to the world.

That mother-fucker did to me, what he had done to NUMEROUS other people, and although I was warned, warned, WARNED, that this was going to happen to me, eventually, he was "THE" Richard C. Hoagland, and there was no WAY that he would betray me, nor my efforts...

Anyway, after all of this happened, including CNN telling me that they are not interested in covering something like this, without even having seen the video, nor sending someone to check-out the story, I was COMPLETELY disgusted and fed-up with ALL of the bullshit, and betrayal, involved in the UFO-"movement"/community, and NEVER dealt with ANY of those fucking con-men, lunatics, liars, frauds, and fools, again.

Yeah...I have been around, and seen much more than you people would ever know.


Erik Paul said...

"I discussed this STS-80 mission on a National Geographic special and showed that they were in fact ice particles and debris that always followed the shuttle around in orbit. This was the case on EVERY mission. The shuttle would shed particles constantly that were trapped in between tiles. Further ice would form and shed and remain with the shuttle as well since it was simply orbiting the earth. When the RCS (reaction control system) had to fire to correct motion or move the shuttle for satellite repairs or what have you, then the Shuttle would move out of that debris cloud creating videos like this one you see here. The particles are actually rather close to the shuttle only a few tens of feet away. Ice can exist for a long long time in space because of its reflectivity (albedo) which is so high. If this werent the case, we would have no comets nor icy moons in our Solar System. In space there is no concept of temperature so if you ever hear someone say its "400 degrees" in the sun in space this is a misleading incorrect statement. With no pressure in space you dont have any air to conduct heat as one tiny piece of this, and only have the ability of Solar radiation to penetrate ice particles. Again the high reflectivity of ice prevents this from happening rapidly. Thus, we see some of these icy particles in the shuttle movies showing debris floating around it constantly. The blinking of the particles is another issue often called a 'signalling' by 'intelligence' but in fact the real reason it occurs is very simple: The particles are irregular in shape and rotating. As they do they present more then less then more again of their face to the camera and the brightness changes. Since there is no resistance to the rotation, they will continue to rotate at the same rate until something acts to slow them. More shuttle RCS activity, collisions, or atmospheric molecules will act to change their rotation rate. The rotation rate is affected by collisions between particles, and the shuttle RCS system when it fires which shoots particles all over the place and toward each other. When that happens sometimes particles appear to shoot off in all kinds of directions. 90 degree turns arent likely but a particle trajectory seen against the blackness of space may appear to make a 90 degree turn when in fact it is actually moving at an oblique angle away from the viewer and only appears to have executed a 90 degree turn. You can create a marble box and video at a low angle and send marbles into collision and see for yourself how many of the collisions appear to be 90 degree turns. This isnt to say that some collisions that occur at near a 45 degree angle might not be close to 90 degrees. That can certainly happen but the problem is that the people who present these videos have absolutely no knowledge of on-orbit activities nor how particles operate in a microgravity environment. I am simply setting the record straight. Lindsey I am sorry if this explanation goes against your thought process but science is able to explain these particles quite readily and there is no disagreement among scientists about the origins of the particles."

Erik Paul said...

I think I just out-Negentropiced Lord Lindsey!

ExposingZionistEvil said...

That is complete-fucking-BULLSHIT, and if you take-the-time to actually WATCH IT, you will see that is complete-fucking-BULLSHIT.

SEVERAL of the objects are PULSATING, and one flies-off at INCREDIBLE speed, in a God damned 90-degree turn.

I am not going to argue with a literal ignoramus on this issue--you know NOTHING about this specific incident, nor do you know ANYTHING about the macrocosm of all of this, if you are copying-and-pasting that kind of intentional deception. Do you expect those in-control TO OPENLY-ADMIT what your eyes can see, is really in outer-space, MUCH LESS IN OUR OWN FUCKING PLANET'S ORBIT???!!!!

What is WRONG with you people, that you will rail on and on and on AND on AND on AND on AND on AND on, ad-infinitum, about (((the jews))), and the malevolent shit that (((they))), and (((their))) minions do, BUT ARE WILLFULLY-IGNORANT ON THINGS THAT ARE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, LIKE THIS KIND-OF-SHIT???!??!!??!!

You are a big reason why the human-race is in the atrocious situation in which WE ALL find ourselves, and I will NEVER fucking be OK with it.


Erik Paul said...

For chrissakes Lord L, the orbiter was in continuous free-fall at 17 thousand mph in a virtual vacuum! You are INCOMPETENT to interpret what is seen in the video... now go play in the street!

Erik Paul said...

BTW, I did watch the video but what I found most interesting was the incredible amount lightning activity and the many meteors.

ExposingZionistEvil said...

You are the worst-of-the-worst kind-of-scum-of-humanity. You troll people in this joke-of-a-"movement", and then talk-out-of-your-asshole about one of the most famous incidents of OUTRIGHT UFO-activity, EVER, caught-on-video.

ANYONE with any semblance-of-intelligence can see-what-they-fucking-see, WITH THEIR OWN EYES.

I have fuck-all more to say to you, and have HAD fuck-all to say to a shit-hell like yourself, for a long time, now, so do not even bother corresponding with me, in any way, shape, or form, again, because I will not correspond with you, again.

I stand-by EVERYTHING that I said, 100%.


Erik Paul said...

So, Linds, what's new with you?

Big-G said...

NO mp3 download.ONLY files.Needs a fix