Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ken O'Keefe Response to Dangerous Slander & Libel (For Lindsey my best friend lol)


zapoper said...

I can not see how this is going to end well.

1melahat said...

Wow, things are heating up. Here is the blog by this hag, Jeanice Barcelo, that he's referring to. It's an interesting read and she makes some valid arguments.

Zeebra said...

I've heard several Jeanice Barcelo interviews, pretty educational re Western child birth industry and less about the destructive porn industry. funny almost no one would know about the Barcelo blog in question if Ken didn't do this vid!

Having now watched Ken's vid & read Jeanice's blog post, I'd prolly give Jeanice the nod for making the better case, similar to how I felt about the Igan/O'Keefe beef last Fall. And for similar reasons, mostly Ken's defensive bullying demeanor. Plus the imagery, lyrics, nicknames Sofia's into... Pretty Occult/satanic for a 25yo girl!

robdsg88 said...

If it is so dangerous and slanderous, there is plenty there for a libel claim and case with shekel compensation.
Yawn. Yet another sideshow distraction.
Dugongs are sea cows. There are many groups in the bay here and have never posed peril to anyone. Indigenous folk respect them.

ExposingZionistEvil said...

The man needs to leave that minx, and get himself into rehabilitation, IMMEDIATELY. He is exhibiting many of the symptoms of fully-fledged methedrine addiction, as far as I am concerned, and is destroying both his mind and his body.

If you bother to read the comments, DO NOT. Any and all comments that are negative have been thoroughly removed, and the only comments that are allowed to be posted are those from kenneth roy nichols' sycophants--SERIOUSLY.

One can see that he is NOT, NOT, NOT, in good physical health--HE LOOKS-LIKE-BOILED-SHIT. It simply is nuts for anyone to pretend that everything is OK with him, because just by LOOKING AT HIM, one can ascertain that there is something "off".

Look, I have said-my-piece, and stand-by all that I said. You people can make-up-your-own-minds about what you are going to believe, but I have been around A LOT of different kinds of people, for A LONG time, and kenneth roy nichols is the type of person whom I would avoid, if at all possible.


NB: You all really should read this, and while I do not believe some of what is written, particularly towards the end, the vast majority of it is very well thought-out, and when coupled with Max Igan's stuff, and the Richie Allen is, what it is, People.

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Scorpio said...

Looks like the gay-jew ass cancer is eatin' up mind.
Oh, and by the way, settle down, Lindsey.
Thanks in advance,

Zeebra said...

Latest vid from Brendon O'Connell slams Ken for being pussywhipped by by the little siren. Also takes on Barrett/Hall, Igan, and others; basically anyone not publicizing Israel's "Operation Talpiot".

Jump to 10:30 for top of Brendon's rant against Ken (and the others); vid is 23 mins total:

Zap U may want to post Brendon's vid; just note that it includes rants against several other truthers coz vid title doesn't indicate that.