Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ken O'Keefe - US Military Fighting For Israel - Israel, not Iran, is the Threat!


1melahat said...

Excellent, thanks for posting.

Scorpio said...

That guy looks like he has gay-jew ass-cancer.

Scorpio said...

Twoof movement needs to put aside the notion that jooz=bad and mudslums=good.
They are kissing cousins.

Erik Paul said...

Well, Lindsey, we're waiting...

Scorpio said...

^^ LOL

1melahat said...

Believe me Scorpio, the vast majority of Iranians are not Muslims. In fact most Iranians I know look at Islam as a Arab phenomenon and would like nothing more than to remove this cancer from their country(along with religion in general hopefully). When Arabs invaded Persia in the 6th century they tried to make Arabic the official language of Persia by cutting the tongues out of Persians who dared to speak Farsi. If you look at Iran and Afghanistan 50 years ago they were very western in their appearance.
I don't think O'Keeffe is kissing up to or promoting any religion either. He is only stating the facts and historical truths.

Zeebra said...

Another good one to post is this new 39 min vid from Brendon O'Connell,

Ken O'Keefe Call's For Military Coup - Good Idea?

ExposingZionistEvil said...

I have nothing to do with liars, like "scorpio", who said that he, PERSONALLY, saw a portrait of Hon. Ron Paul in the Grand Mason Hall, which means that he is a 33rd-degree Mason.

Hon. Ron Paul is NOT ANY kind of Mason, nor Free-Mason, which means that you are a God damned, mother-fucking, LIAR.

See, Folks, I never forget ANYTHING, and I mean ANY THING.

I have already said-my-piece about that fucking fraudulent con-man, kenneth roy nichols, and pray-to-whatever-god will listen to me, that he sees-justice, and rots-in-prison, for scamming A LOT of people, out of A LOT of money.

You people are so intellectually-dis-honest that you REFUSE!!! to acknowledge reality, when that reality is contradictory to what you "NEED" to believe--that this "movement" is not full-to-the-fucking-gills with frauds, fakes, flakes, phonies, lunatics, and LIARS, and the longer that you people condone unacceptable behavior, the worse this situation will, INEVITABLY, become.

God damn the lot of you.


Voltman said...

Part 1 - Unacceptable

Unacceptable, that's what you are
Unacceptable, though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me

Never before has someone been more
Unacceptable, in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling,(cough, cough) it's incredible
That someone so Unacceptable
Thinks that I am Unacceptable too

Unforgivable, in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgivable
Thinks that I am unforgivable too

It's at least good to see "stolen" money well spent...[smiles]

Let us expose some weevil weezil zionisssts...
Let us count the ways, though it never pays.

Mr. Exposer of Zionist Evil, please help me become a better exposer. I would much appreciate your comments and recommendations on my knee-jerk reaction to an article I saw posted at the Israeli Slimes along with a handful of comments. I would like to become a top-notch, authentic exposer of Zionist evil like you.

Show me how you would change my style and so on...

This is what I would have liked to shove up the general's, the newspaper's, and the few commenters arses over at their website called...:

The Slimes of IsraHell

In my dreams, I plastered this exclamation mark all over the Meanstream Ass Media:

In case you didn't already know, most of the world knows that the terrorist nation Israel, is the main terrorist nation responsible for 9-11 and the subsequent cover-up.

Israel has hundreds of nuclear bombs, thousands of missiles, and a huge arsenal of weapons.

This extremely arrogant little "country" that hosts hyper-criminals and psychopathic monstrosities like Netanyahoo, has been terrorizing Arabs since at least 1948 when they brutally invaded Palestine.

Since then, they have been terrorizing, blackmailing, extorting, lying and stealing from the rest of the world, and getting away with it thanks to their highly paid
presstitutes (like Anderson Pooper and Wolf Shitster) distributed throughout the Meanstream Ass Media which hasn't yet realized that their verbal diarrhea doesn't
pass the smell test with an increasing majority of the goyim. Go to CNN (Cartoon News Nutwork) if you want to see how well their bullshit is going down.

Here is one example of the stupidity and hypocrisy of those who love war and destruction:

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot:
“We are engaged in a whole campaign against the accuracy project and it is our top priority,” he noted.

- One way to get a bit of truth from these pathological liars is to take some of their outrageously idiotic "statements out of context: yes, it is true that "THEY" are engaged in a whole campaign against accuracy and it is their top priority.

When you rely on bullshit, truth is your enemy.

To be continued...

Voltman said...

Part 2 - Unforgivable

"Regarding the efforts by Hezbollah to obtain advanced rockets through Syria, Eisenbot said, “We are working all the time against the project with a wide variety of tools that it is best to keep quiet about, and with the aim of not causing a deterioration [in the situation].”

- It would be best for this Dimonic general to keep very quiet indeed lest he get his putrid bullshit shoved all the way back up his stinking arse-nal.

Here's another example of his bullshit:

Gaudy Eisenkot said “decreasing Iranian influence in the areas near Israel’s borders is no less important than defeating Islamic State, and for Israel perhaps even more.”

- The mighty general apparently doesn't know that ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is run by Israel, the USA, Saudi Arabia, England, France and the usual

You get the same brand of horseshit from traitorous American generals and their mouthpieces in the Fake Media.

IsraHell is subsidized by massive criminality and welfare handouts from the USA, Germany and others. IsraHell and its camp followers are forever pretending to be the
victims when in reality, they are the biggest perpetrators of hideous crimes ever to have existed. Their O'Dead-Yinon plan for a "Greater IsraHell" calls for a huge expansion of their gangster state from the Nile to the Euphrates and beyond.

Up until the advent of the Internet, the fake and illegitimate terrorist "jewish state" relied on massive bullshit indoctrination of the masses via their completely
depraved bullshit industrial complex (BIC) comprising but not limited to the unbelievably disgusting Meanstream Ass Media (MAM).

You can be sure these full-time deceivers will never allow anything like this verbal attack on them to be published in the comment section of their Fake News Cartoon
Networks. But it might show up elsewhere... and there's nothing they can do about it, except what they usually do: call you an anti-semite, thereby demonstrating their sheer stupidity, ignorance, and inability to refute anything that remotely resembles the truth. And it will be too late by then anyway.

I hope anti-semitism sweeps the whole world and backs all the Israeli supporters up into a corner with a sign over their head that says: "How stupid are we? Watch us!"

Daniel Major
O'Kanabec, Land of the free

Report sheds light on Iranian missile factories being built in Lebanon

The Protocols of Zion: Introduction and Synopsis

Never before has someone been more
Unacceptable, in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, (cough cough) it's incredible
That someone so Unacceptable
Thinks that I am Unacceptable too

Panzerfaust said...

I want to hear about Ken's fistfight with glass jaw IDF troops that fast roped and pirated that vessel delivered relief supplies to Palestinians.

ExposingZionistEvil said...

OK, that was a POSITIVE for him, and actually...PUT-HIM-ON-THE-MAP, as far as his popularity, is concerned.

Almost NO ONE knew who he was, before that incident, and that is a STONE-COLD FACT. The guy was a no-body, until that incident, to put it another way, but his actions were heralded, and he was believed to be a "hero".

What-the-FUCK does that have to do with Kenneth Roy Nichols being an alleged meth-smoking, wife-and-children-abandoning, bimbo-shacking, Ponzi-scheming, con-man, shit-bag?

*looks seriously*


ExposingZionistEvil said...

*drops mic*

I think that about says-it-all, Folks.



Voltman said...

Brendon O'Connell makes some valid critiques of Ken O'Keefe's take on Putin & The Beast.

Like Benny & The Jets...
♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
Putin & The Beast.

Ken O'Keefe Call's For Military Coup - Good Idea?

ExposingZionistEvil said...

"This video is unavailable"



ExposingZionistEvil said...

"This video has been removed for violating YouTube-ADL's policy against hate-speech."

No matter how I may feel about Kenneth Roy Nichols, YouTube-ADL has proven itself, over and over and over, again, to be nothing more than a tool-of-information-suppression, once a video tellling-the-truth about the kabbal/cabal has garnered too much attention.


Voltman said...

I went to "Safety and Abuse Reporting" at Youtube and sent them the following complaint:

"Removing videos by Ken O'Keefe only shows how youtube are a bunch of hypocritical cowards!! I hate you bunch of phony assholes and there's nothing you can do about it! You are scared of the truth and of real men like Ken O'Keefe. You bow down to sick, twisted bullies like the ADL and therefore merit the contempt of good people everywhere. You're a bunch of disingenuous freaks and you're going down!"

Youtube is THEMTube! BooTube! FuckyouTube! VacuumTube!

Protocols "Forgery" Argument is Flawed

ExposingZionistEvil said...

I had my YouTube-ADL Channel, which had over 400 of THE VERY BEST videos that I could find, proving the contention that (((they))) are doing all that (((they))) do, among a lot of other very, very good material--the best-of-the-best, seriously--, and my first "Strike" was my original up-load of LORD LINDSEY NARRATION OF THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION "video". That, because it was featured on Mr. Rense's site, had over 7,000 "Views", in about 4 hours, or so, and was removed a few hours, later, at around 10,000--in-other-words, it had just begun to "go-viral", and it was stopped.

After that, within one week, later, I had the second "Strike", and then the third-and-final one, two weeks, after that.

I was so devastated at the loss of the very best material available, at that time, that I did what (((they))) want us to do--I GAVE-UP, at least as far as YouTube-ADL, was to be concerned.


ExposingZionistEvil said...

This was back in early-mid 2012.


Voltman said...

We don't need indoctrination
We don't need no thought control
No dark censoreship in our content
Censor leave them vids alone

Leave them vids alone!

All and all
You're just another prick in the stall
All and all you're just another dick at the wall


YouTube has been an incredible asset over the years but that's it. They will continue to be useful for a while but in the long run, they're doomed by their cowardice and stupidity. What else is new?

The real value in YouTube is the mass of contributors! All they need to do is abandon these censorship monstrosities with their annoying and ridiculous advertising practices and create new networks using blockchain technology that
get around the roadblocks they are putting up everywhere.

THEY are going down the YouTubes!

How about YouTooToob.rev?
Revolution Highway?
No more fake government
No morefake justice
No more fake education
No more fake science
No more fake academia
No more fake military
No more fake police
No more fake medicine
No more fake food
No more fake culture
No more fake history
No more fake politicians
No more fake people...

To hell with the BIC (Bullshit Industrial Complex)
To hell with the BIS (Bank for International Settlements)
To hell with the Banksters
To hell with the Warburgers
To hell with Bilderburger Kings
To hell with the Rottenchilds
To hell with the Rockerfuckers
The NY Slimes, Washington Compost, etc...etc...etc...

Nobody in their right mind needs all these phony bullshit providers.
They're lazy parasites with way more money than brains, way more weapons than brains, and way more power than such mentally deranged, morally depraved imbeciles deserve.


So YouTube will become THEIRTube
facebook is turning into assbook
Google will be Gaggle

Everything THEY touch, THEY turn to shit
You can bet on it.

But the damage is aready done, they can shut down the whole Internet tomorrow along with the rest of the hardware and the echos of recent discoveries and
realizations will continue to reverberate all over the world, way beyond the confines of the fake shepard's fake pasture for fake sheeple.

From the People's Republic of The Internet,

Daniel Major
O'Kanabec, Land of the free

Another Brick In The Wall

1melahat said...

Still available at Video.