Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nick Spero & Brendon O'Connell Chat - Love, Life, The Universe...Israel


ExposingZionistEvil said...

I do not want to hear anything from Idiot o'Connell. The guy was given the opportunity to live his life in-peace, and without-fear-of-arrest and -of-persecution, YET, what does this fucking trouble-maker and idiot do? He gives some bullshit excuse about Iran not being what he expected, or some such nonsense, and goes-back to INEVITABLY find himself in more trouble, and promise-of-arrest.

Fuck this glutton-for-punishment, People. There is something GENUINELY wrong with him, mentally, and this fucking idiot only wants to suffer, so I say fuck it, and let him suffer in the police-state of Australia, as he truly wants.


Ilya Ehrenberg said...

Couldnt agree more.

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Thank you, for being intellectually-honest, even though the truth really fucking sucks.


Ognir said...

So he get the info that the israelis interfered in his previous case in open court
and then what?

The jew judges and jew lawyers will laugh him out of court and or have him back behind bars.

First thing is how he gets back into Australia after he has threaten to stick a pen in someone's eye, terrorist threat to Australian embassy staff by phone, not too fuckin bright.

I don't see a bright future for BoC but I'll wish him luck


Zeebra said...

Without even having read the first comment above, he automatically gets the standard "Lighten up, Francis oops I mean Psycho oops I mean Lindsey."

45 secs:

Brendon O'Connell slams Ken O'Keefe for being pussywhipped by the spicy, occult preoccupied little siren. Also takes on Barrett/Hall, Igan, and others; basically anyone not publicizing Israel's "Operation Talpiot".

Jump to 10:30 for top of Brendon's rant against Ken (and the others); vid is 23 mins total:

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Yeah, I didn't want to be too hard on him, but you said what I was going to add. There can be no doubt that he is quite mentally-ill, and there needs to be someone there with them, to do everything possible to get this poor guy to see that he is doing NOTHING but causing himself harm, and big problems, that are NEVER going to stop , for him, by the (((zog))) of Australia.

The best advice that I could ever give to ANYONE, is to stay-away from this guy, because the ONLY thing that follows him, is trouble.

NOT completely unrelated, but have you all heard about some very serious, and felonious, charges that the (((government))) of Canada have brought against "Madd Cold", AKA Jonathan Azaziah?

I KNEW that the kind-of-language that he was using was, INEVITABLY, going to cause him big, big trouble, but no one listens to me, so that is that.

The BIGGEST mistake that Mr. Azaziah could have made, was to chase-love to Montreal, and involve himself in a relationship, with all of the things in which he involved himself, in the "movement". His love-chase has only resulted in him being on literal "WANTED!" posters, THROUGHOUT Canada.


Good news is very rare, but that is to be expected, when truth is thought of as lies, and lies are agreed-upon by the masses to be truth.

His Twitter account has been permanently-removed:

Apparently, Jonathan Azaziah is STILL a fugitive, after 11 days, since the announcement of his warrant.

ANYONE living in ANY of nations that have criminalized freedom-of-speech, and intend to be out-spoken, are only INEVITABLY going to find themselves being harassed, harangued, persecuted, and prosecuted, by the minions-of-the-(((occupied)))-government.


Zeebra said...

Off hand I have much more sympathy for Brendon's ordeal than the other commenters above. Much more a tale of joo power/treachery/criminality, than anything about Brendon's "stupidity."

The grocery store parking lot skirmish which sparked it all off back in '09 or so should've amounted to nothing. The kangaroo court proceedings which followed & resulted in his ~3/whatever years lockup were nothing but a (((shameless farce))), with evidence/witnesses which may have vindicated him, systematically excluded.

Not close enough to the finer details of his story to know what to make of his decision to skip bail/AU, but it was ultimately the best decision for Germar Rudolph back when the jooz were doing the same joodicial joo-job on him in Germany.

Malaysia would appear to be a good place for Brendon indefinitely; search up "list of countries don't recognize israel" (no quotes).

Malaysian asylum, and/or working as eng teacher, or nurse (his former AU profession), or uni professor of global joo history/subversion/treachery... Brendon could gitterdone.

ExposingZionistEvil said...


No one listens to me, anyway, so do whatever-the-fuck you want.


Anonymous said...

Ah Lindsay, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. No matter how often I publish DETAILED explanations of what has gone in...there are the shills. Hard at work...I'll post all the details for you...

Anonymous said...

Here is a detailed blog post with clear evidence the lawyer the Iranian state attached to me is an ambulance chasing fraud.

On that post is clear evidence they were extending my visa.

Email from D.A's office admitting phone call between myself and serving minister of prisons Joe Francis took place. Our 30 minute phone call was not about the weather. It was about how corrupt and dangerous Western Australia is.

My ENTIRE legal paper work collection is online and I refer to it routinely, but Lindsay and the Iran groupie crowd can't read. I mean, why bother?

Again...DETAILED...information...but your job is not to disseminate truth.

When you and your clown friends can get the Israeli state to come out to play, let me know.

The only people in love with Iran on political grounds are the people who have never been there. Iran won't even mention Israel till you push them. When I pushed them on going after orthodox Judaism they had a heart attack. Literally.

Press TV hire an ISRAELI satellite. Not to worry. Nothing to see here. Don't ask ANY questions.

The lawyer, David T. Lashgari, as well as being an ambulance chasing fraud back in the U.S and Green Card application rip off merchant, was high as a kite on meth or come which is all over Iran. The final straw was his obvious heroin use - it's ALSO all over Iran. He could barely stand up, talk, peel a carrot.

Iran is a fraud, working with Israel via Russia to break up the M.E with the Shia militias they control who are apparently "Little angels".

Rouhani is best mates with Jack Straw and I have no doubt Lord Levy and the whole London banking set.

Rouhani is part of the "reformist" Rafsanjani crowd. Rafsanjani owned most of Iran. I was at his funeral procession. BILLIONAIR MUSLIM REVOLUTIONARIES fighting exploitive western imperialism with his giant Swiss bank accounts.

Let's compare Iraq under sanctions and Iran. ALL over Iran are luxury cars, luxury goods everyhwere and building cranes everywhere. Iran is being rewarded for "services rendered" in assisting in the break up of the Middle East allowing Russian Jewish Oligarchs in charge of Russian oil giant Rosneft to run around Iraq with their Kurdish friends sending oil and profits to Israel and City of London.

Yeah, I'm so insane they sent the Israeli state out against me...


You got any more tales to spin...

TheFetch said...

So Brendon, seeing how none of this was possible without Jews in the United States engineering the ouster of Saddam, is America in on the game with the Israeli's and rewarding Iran for the services of Iran in helping the United States break up the Middle East?

TheFetch said...

To add - I guess you can say that that is what happened when Obama "paid off" the Iranians just prior to exiting office....

Anonymous said...


I had heard ALL ABOUT Iran for years but never taken any notice. Feeling people were reading to much into the simple day to day games high level politicians must play to get along.

However, after seeing Iran for myself and hearing them talk - what they are interested in and not interested in - it's clear to me the current Rouhani government is an UTTER fraud. Freemaons/Jews, pretending to be Muslims.

Iranians who were involved with the setting up of Hezbollah in the eighties warned me I was in the middle of a bunch of hard core "PROGRESSIVE" Rouhani/Rafsanjani clowns. Drugs are incredibly central to them. If people could see how free Iran is on a day to day basis they would be shocked. There aint no police state. Iranians are just pissed they cant get drunk on the street. They want more job opportunities. I could not get any of them to go after Israel. But BOY did they start foaming at the mouth over Saudi and the Gulf States. They get pissed because the BBC called The Persian Gulf The Arabian Gulf. This consumed a whole evenings conversation amongst a bunch of intellectuals at a restaurant. I could barely contain my "yawn". I thought it was absolutely pathetic.

NO ONE I met knew ANYTHING about the big players we take for granted - Christopher Bollyn, Rev Ted Pike, Michael Hoffman, revisionist authors, Professor Israel Shahack, Paul Eisen, Gilad Atzmon etc...Lashgari the lawyer knew a few but the non English speakers - who are most of them - not a clue.

They knew NOTHING about Orthodox Judaism, the Talmud, Shulkan Aruk and Kabala. Think about that. NOTHING.

I saw a bunch of communist/masonic Swiss bank account holders. Every word out of the lawyers mouth was..."PROGRESSIVE". I cringe now every time I hear that word. Literally every second word. "Oh Brendon! They are VERY progressive! Oh yes! Very progressive!" Over and freakin over and over. He was off his head.

What a waste of my onw time. But I'm glad I went. other wise I would be wondering "what if".

Really, there is nowhere to go. Israel is throwing around so much money, no one is immune. Malaysia is %100 anti-Israel but China is deep in bed with Israel economically as is India. So, what is Malaysia to do? It will be under enormous financial pressure to be quiet and join with the Eurasian Juggernaught being built under Israel and Russia. All that is left is America. Trump will most likely be impeached - and rightly so. Unless the same people that run him decide to play pure theater and raise him from the ashes as a hero that saved America ala Putin, which is entirely possible.

Hillary is as compromised and disliked by so many. I'd say Trump will stay. But as hero. They'll start to ease off the reporting and give him a few wins.

They just got rid of the dead wood of Tillerson who is completely compromised and in bed with Russia and Israel.

Trump is a highly compromised fraud. Yet, when you watch him, he almost seems like he has no idea whats going on. I just know the same people that coddled, groomed and ran Putin are the same people who have coddled, groomed and run Trump and I cannot see why so many people still think otherwise. I was embarrassed it took me this long to catch on when I had people screaming in my ear for two years. But, being vulnerable and under the pump back home, it makes you look for "the great leader" to save you.

Ognir said...

Maybe when trump comes to asslick this year for aipac .....
the folks will start to see but I doubt it, our folks are too stupid

TheFetch said...

So anyway you can book an hour on Inside the Eye - Live!?

zapoper said...

It's nice not having to read Lindsey's ultra negative crap for a few hours. Although he did come at Mami's to bash Lindauer a few hours ago and I don't blame him for that lol.

But it is surprising that he has not replied to this "fucking quite mentally-ill trouble-maker and idiot" O'Connell as he puts it. LOL

But NOBODY ever LISTENS to ME. Sniff sniff.........Lindsey

Zeebra said...

^ don't bait him zap; don't bait him! He's after all, a PARAGON of INTELLECTUAL HONESTY; the YARDSTICK of VIRTUE by which us lowly plebs are measured.

Brendon, great to have you chime in! I wanted to ask, have you looked into getting the Bitcoin & Co thing going? You'd be opening a crowd funding channel to you, from a user base who are highly "aware." And one of the greatest plusses for your potential BC donors, is the anonymity!

I'm presently trying to get up to speed on it myself, to halfway understand what I'm doing when I take the plunge. This viddy Verutus Libertas put up a couple days ago is invaluable, 40 mins:

20 mins is a BC q&a, then 20m on steemit, which I also plan to join.

Here's a carrot for you Brendon: when we're both up & running with BC, I promise you (at least) $100 usd. :-)

Stay strong bro; great to hear you got a 90 day MY visa extension--

Erik Paul said...

I don't think Linthy has the stones to actually confront the man to his face.