Monday, July 31, 2017

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2017.07.30

Powers and Principalities Episode 10

We discuss Obamacare, its repeal and the Medical Industrial Complex.

Timothy's Podcast



Aquarius M said...

Excellent discussion and all true. I've personally grabbed a family member and dragged them off deaths doorstep and they are totally healthy now due to good nutrition, clean vitamins and proper healthcare. Run as far away from the MIC as possible.
In my many years of research I've come to the conclusion, that yes, they love the money they reap, but what they love even more is the suffering and pain they inflict.
And for people that think organic is going to save you, you are immensely brainwashed.

zapoper said...

About organic certification. It doesn't take a brilliant guy to understand that a lawyer can argue the hell out of the fact that GMOs are organic. LOL

robdsg88 said...

Good chat with Mr Atwill. Being a fringe dweller on the fringe of this "movement", I agree with most if not all that Mr Atwill stated. Why would I take notice of an entity in a white robe who is a member of a fraternity that, on average, dies at the same rate or at a worse rate from iatrogenic issues than the patient. (This word, iatrogenic, is not in spell check, wink,wink). Interned doctors are forced to work 18+ hour shifts in hospitals, which accounts to sleep deprivation, which is a favoured method of torture. Organic food, today, is another scam. If you don't grow it, in controlled conditions, or shake hands with he or she that does grow it in controlled conditions, it is not organic irrespective of "certification".
Diseases are like fashions, and people are as apt to take a new disease as they are to fall in with any new fashion." ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

robdsg88 said...

@Aquarius M. Where does one get clean vitamins these days, given so many manufacturers / suppliers are now owned by pharma companies, directly or indirectly as they have the pill presses and capsule markets.

Aquarius M said...

For my dad, I have a really good iridologist that mixes his own concoctions. And a lot of what he takes, I opt for powder mixes, uncapsuled, that you blend into juices, water, or smoothies. Myself, I grow or pick a lot of natural medicines where I live in Canada and dry or freeze them.
For example, in the spring, I pick the fresh growth of spuce tips, high in vit C and taste like lemon. I grow my own garlic, which is totally easy and anyone can do if they have a small patch of land. The combo of the two is a powerful anti viral. I never get sick using these 2 items.
Blending apple (malic acid) and carrot (carotene +?) is a powerful blood cleanser.
Most important though is cleansing your colon. That's where everyone should start. I believe in the saying that all cancers start in the colon. I purchase mine in powder form from the iridologist and mix it with juice. Slippery elm is one of its main components with a mixture of herbs.
Probably too much info, but I hope it helps. ��

Aquarius M said...

Exactly lol

Aquarius M said...

**Spruce tips

Erik Paul said...

I would add frequent and long periods of water-only fasting.