Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Scott Horton 2017.08.08

Editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud returns to the show to discuss his latest articles, “The Story Behind the Jerusalem Attack: How Trump and Netanyahu Pushed Palestinians into a Corner” and “Power to the People: Why Palestinian Victory in Jerusalem is a Pivotal Moment.” Scott and Baroud begin by discussing the history of the ’67 War, its basis in false propaganda, and how the deliberate plan put in place 50 year ago remains today. Baroud then explains the context of the clash in east Jerusalem, where Israel has used the al-Aqsa clash with Palestinians as an opportunity to permanently control Haram Sharif. READ MORE

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it's very very sad that very few people are interested or don't care at the kafkaesque reality each and every Palestinian faces at the hands of their deep-black demonically evil goddamned bastard tormentors on a daily basis. if there's a hell on earth, it definitely resides in israel. even most alternative websites have been desensitized at the all too often abductions, murders, dispossessions, and tortures happening in Palestine. there seems to be no help or relief looming on the horizon for these intelligent beautiful heroic but tragic people.