Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Talking With Nick Spero - Part 4

We talk about the usual suspects - City of London and Israeli funded think tanks, fake political groups led by fake political operatives.


Voltman said...

That was GREAT!

Loved the intro featuring the fake "leader" of the "who knows what", the Wutnots?.

Hot diggity Festus!
Forget the Gang Banksters!
Wee'z gonna have ourselves a nice race war!!!

Manufacturing fake leaders, heroes, experts, authorities, etc... is what this senseless system is about, to a large extent. Manufacturing cheap crap and passing it off as latest and greatest high-speed, high-capacity, high quality, high-priced technology is yet another symptom of monopoly crapitalism.

The insanity of it all: the petrodollar associated with the Death Industrial Complex, Big Oil and their Gang Banksters, the hyper-poisonous dirty nuclear business, genetically bastardized agribusiness, morally compromised "health care", imbecilic and criminally possessed "judicial", detrimental "schools", anyway, you get the picture.

There's enough oil on this planet to asphyxiate every living thing 100,000 times over! There's more energy in water but they decided to buy it all before telling us...

Electricity is easy to generate. The electrical grid is dinosaur technology; so are windmills and weak solar panels.

There are better ways of charging batteries than using windmills and large surfaces of expensive solar panels that put out diddley-watt.

Check out Rick Friedrich:

The Benitez Loving Paths Switches 5, 6, and 7

Rick Friedrich Videos

Rick Friedrich Youtube Homepage

Rick Friedrich's company:

We could have been using over-unity electrical power generators since 1915.

The public has financed research and development. The public is not getting the true benefits back. In fact, the public is "paying for its chains". It is financing its own demise.

Anyway........(as Charles Giuliani would say) {smiles}

Happy Birthday Les Visible!!

His exact birthday was August 21st at 9:25PM EDT.
The day of Eclipse Leona Augusta 21.

Jupiter and Uranus were dancing and howling along with the Leo Dog Poet:

Voltman said...

It Sounded Like The Truth

I'm in the mood for exposing some serious zionist evil! (!!!Bwahahahahaha!!!)

Where should I start? Let me count the ways.

Tony B said (August 23, 2017):

"I find it unkind that so many, when describing what has happened to Germany, never mention that in one century it was twice destroyed with the cream of its crop murdered twice by the same evil forces and for essentially the same reasons. I doubt if the citizens of other nations who describe this decay would find their own homes any better, if not in worse shape, had they suffered the same mass destruction of both body and soul.

Both WW1 and WW2 were engineered out of the British Isles. For the British controllers at the top the reason was that the little island's rulers rightly understood that there was no way it could compete commercially in the world market with Germany so, motivated by greed, they wanted Germany destroyed. Both times dragging in the Americans to do their dirty work as Britain was incapable of success
against Germany in war.

With the Rothschild cabal the true reasons were more sinister and they saw to it that Germany's manufactured enemies were sufficiently financed to win the contests in the cabal's ongoing agenda for world conquest. Whomever they see as opposition they will do all in their power to destroy. At present it is not only Germany but all of Europe - at the least, all of western Europe."

Sounded like the truth!!!
I am 99.99% SURE of that!
I stand behind absolutely
Put down on this page!
(Even if I stole most of them)
And I dare any of you PEOPLE to SHOW ME where I'm wrong!

If you're intellectually honest you will see how you have been so WRONG WRONG WRONG about that stark raving LUNATIC, Les Visible.

You, you, you crazy people you!


Sounded like the truth!

Pump up the voltage and turn on the amps
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Leo Dog Poet:

It Seemed the Better Way