Sunday, September 17, 2017

Christopher Bollyn 2017 “The War On Terror”

Streamed live on Sep 7, 2017 in Watertown, Massachusetts Start at 11:17


ExposingZionistEvil said...

After what he did to Mr. Daryl Smith Setters, all of those years, ago, I would NEVER trust that fucking "spook", PERIOD.

There has always been something "off" about Christopher Bollyn, from his troubled son, and how he has handled him, to the entire incident, when he had to flee-the-state of Illinois, because of that police incident.

If you ever have any doubts about someone, and I mean REAL doubts, with a foundation-for-concern, then stay-the-fuck-away from that person, and anything in which he, or they, is/are involved.


NB: I am still not a fucking robot.

John Miller said...

Hey Lindsey, but this Mr.Daryl Smith believes that Germans gassed 6 Million jews and made soap out of them, and lamp shades....He also is convinced that Germans are evil people, despite the fact that they never dropped A- bombs on innocent humans, women and children, or bombs on American cities / civilians ! I recommend : stay-the-fuck-away from people like that.
John, the truthseeker

ExposingZionistEvil said...

That is not true, AT ALL. You know that he lives in France, and WOULD go to prison, if he discussed anything about the (((holyhoax))).

If it was not for Mr. Daryl Smith Setters, NONE of this shit that is now out-in-the-open about (((them))), would be out, as it is. Despite Michael Bernard Piper, Genius Eustace Mullins, and several other big names, doing what they did FOR DECADES, it was, none other than, Mr. Daryl Smith Setters, whom blew-the-whole-fucking-thing-wide-open, and every fucking one of you people should be down-on-your-knees, kissing-his-ass for his efforts.

You people know FUCK-ALL about the past of the REAL truth-movement, but I was in it from its very Renaissance, and remember pretty much everything of-significance from that time-period--2005-2011/2--, and stand-by my assertion, 100%.

Before Mr. Setters was doing what he was doing, NO ONE in the mainstream-media, including PressTV, RT, etc., were discussing the NAMES of those involved in all of this malevolent shit, nor, were they, TRULY, even discussing the nasty shit that israHell was constantly doing, except, MAYBE, PressTV, which was not even in-existence, until July 3, 2007. Before Mr. Setters was pushing THE TRUTH, anywhere, and EVERYWHERE, that he could, NO ONE, including that mother-fucking shyster, alexei jewns, and his jewish wives, were saying FUCK-ALL about THE TRUTHS AS THEY ARE, but, IN-STEAD, were doing damned-near everything that they could to INTENTIONALLY lead-people-astray, into as many God damned rabbit-holes as he/they possibly could, to obfuscate from the TRUTH.

Do not fucking try to debate me on this issue, because I WAS THERE, Fellow, FROM THE VERY START OF THE RENAISSANCE, while some of you ass-wipes are only, just now, arriving-to-the-mother-fucking-party.

That is that.


NB: I will not apologize for being so fired-up, because it is LONG-PAST-TIME for people to stop dis-respecting those TRULY DESERVING of admiration, and of praise, in-stead of giving that admiration and praise to either Johnny's-come-lately, or to "suspected" operatives, FORMERLY-MARRIED TO LITERAL (((idf))) AND (((mossad))) OPERATIVES, WORKING IN INTELLIGENCE, LIKE THAT FUCKER, Christopher Bollyn. didn't fucking know about his first israHelli (((mossad))) wife, did you, Jack-ass?

zapoper said...

Give 'em Hell Lindsey!!! You're a fucking rock star!!!


NB: You might be a fucking robot though.

Erik Paul said...

Yeah, a gay robot.

Scorpio said...

Shut your vagina, Lindthey.
Thanks in advance,

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Mr. Zapoper, I am on Skype--check your Skype.


Scorpio said...

Change your schedule!!
Lindthey is on Skype!!
Repeat Lindthey is on Skype!!

This is important stuff, guys!