Monday, September 18, 2017

In brief call with Jewish groups, Trump condemns those who spread ‘anti-Semitism’

ed note–once again, CHA-CHING! Judea, Inc scores YET ANOTHER GOAL in its unrelenting war against Gentiledom and in this case, due entirely to the willful assistance proffered by various groups, but most importantly, the idiots in Charlottesville last month and their idiotic antics of parading around in their Neo-Nazi regalia, their white sheets and pointed white hats and the Rambo wannabes with the AR-15s, locked and loaded and ready for business–who gave organized Jewish interests all the ammo they needed in putting enormous pressure on Trump to come groveling before them in compliant, prostrate, defeated supplication.

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Urahara said...

It would have happened either way even if the protesers were in white diapers and carried flowers in their hands. As for The Welsh known as Trump, he's too occupied with the kosher dick in his mouth to say anything but "how high" to his masters.