Saturday, September 23, 2017

KSCO’s (1080 AM-Santa Cruz) Georgia Peach: “Free Speech” (Fetcho called in) 2017.09.22

This is a direct link to the complete unedited show taken here to avoid DMCA trolls.
(Fetcho called in at 1h21m)

128k Download


Erik Paul said...

Can't find Fetcho.

ExposingZionistEvil said...



ExposingZionistEvil said...



larry said...

There is no 1:22:30

zapoper said...

Yes there is a 1:22 minutes on this file and Fetch is on

ExposingZionistEvil said...

You have to listen, NOT TO THE BROADCAST FROM THE NETWORK, because it continues after 55-minutes, but will not allow you to fast-forward, until you have listened to whatever duration, AFTER THAT PRELIMINARY 55 MINUTES, but the secondary full-recording that Mr. Zapoper presented, below it, which will allow you to do what you want, to the full program, without having to sit-through the commercials, after the first 55 minutes.

I hope that this fully-explains the situation.


Voltman said...

Goyim On The Go!

Go Go exposer Go! Goyim wake-up on the go!
Go Go Goyim Go! They will not control the show!
Go Go KSCO! Sock it to the New World O!
Go Go EZE Go! Even goyim want to know!

EZE: exposing zionist evil

A Jew speaks truth about Hitler and Nazi Germany


Even Goyim know
The dice are loaded
Even Goyim know
The game is rigged

Even Goyim know
The boat is leaking
Even Goyim know
The captain lied

Everybody KnowsEverybody knows - Leonard Cohen

White America - Mr. Bond

As Professor James Fetzer would exclaim: "It's absurd!
It's unbelievable!! It's outrageous!!! It's completely disgusting!!! "
...even with an overdose on antisemitox. {smiles}


Unknown said...

I believe the words you were looking for are "it's ridiculous"

Voltman said...



Go Go KSCO! All the goyim want a show!

Go hear Fetch in no speech zone skyping with Sweet Georgia Peach

A Nuremberg Tribunal for ISIS and Friends

larry said...

So that would be 82:00

TheFetch said...

Heh - everyone (Voltman) - some good poetry there. I think I have lost my ability to spin such yarns.