Saturday, October 28, 2017

British newspaper received mystery call minutes before JFK assassination


JB said...

But remember folks, Oswald acted alone.

Erik Paul said...

He may have been acting alone but he didn't have anything to do with the JFK assassination.

Scorpio said...

LOL, Erik.
Oswald was probably being strung along, thinking he was on some kind of secret mission for the Jewnited States gubmint.
James Earl Ray (note the three names again), wrote in his account of the MLK assassination, that he had been strung along as a gun dealer all across the south by a mysterious man who called himself 'Raol'. Ray claimed that he was told to stay at the hotel across the street from MLK's hotel to show a 'client' some guns. He later realized that 'Raol' was his handler, who in all likelihood, worked for one the various intelligence agencies and had been working to set him up as a patsy for over a year. This template has been used on more than one occasion.