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Project Camelot October 18, 2017

Vegas Update Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. Scott Benett

Kerry Cassidy talks with Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. Scott Bennett, author and former officer with a high level clearance inside a US military PSYOPS division, about all the evidence surrounding the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas.


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Amanda said...

Fired by Jeff Rense for Disputing Las Vegas Fantasies

Jim Fetzer

On "The Raw Deal" (19 October 2017), after I had featured an audio/video professional who had confirmed that the sound of gunshots in Las Vegas was prerecorded and played over the concert's PA system and a second guest who has found that various of the alleged "victims" died in different locations of different causes, some on different dates, I was fired by Jeff Rense.

These findings reinforce the medical evidence from experts, including a military surgeon and an American trauma surgeon, that the patients shown in multiple videos are actors with fake wounds. Which may explain why the Clark County Coroner's Office is on lock=down. They would have been besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports when, under the circumstances, there aren't any.