Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2017.10.03

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Vegas Shooting. First segment only due to a power failure at the Rense Studio.
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Zeebra said...

While Vegas was plainly another gov FF with another "incredible" official story; it was also an FF with REAL victims/deaths.

For the hyper-skeptical "all crisis actors, dummy corpses/blood" theorists, For those doubting real victims, & wanting to see real blood/corpses close up; go to LiveLeak & search this 4.x min title:

"NSFW Vegas Shooting Victims - Graphic and Gore"

Taxi driver (tranny, he'll have you know!), ~9 mins of him alone wondering wtf with the machine gun bursts; @ 9:20 hysterical passengers who just fled the massacre get in, then ~10 mins of their ride.

Graphic bloody face pic of Paddock as cops allegedly found him,

SVBob said...

I watched the LiveLeak footage twice, and it seems quite possible that this whole scene where the "dead" were located may have been accident-scene pretend/simulation. Most of the dead bodies were still, and a few showed slight movement. They were wiped in light red color, but none seemed to have any obvious injuries, such as open wounds and protruding bones. So for all we know, these bodies could have actors with paint on them and laying still. I didn't hear any cries of pain or contortions from anyone. This scene doesn't look like car accident scenes, or real battle footage where people get shot. Also, the photographer seemed to be running around in order to show that there were bodies, but not show details.
Other than this Liveleak footage, I have seen only one other photo showing blood.
50 plus dead and 500 wounded, and yet virtually no blood?
I think it's possible that there was real shooting (from either the 4th floor or above the stage where the lights were), but maybe it was real shooting combined with some play acting afterwards. I very much doubt that there were 50 plus dead (I counted only 23 in the obituary news), or that many of the 500 were seriously injured.

SVBob said...

Folks should listen to this Fetzer talk. He talks about the Las Vegas incident and then proposes a theory that this incident was contrived, along with the other major events in the news recently, and that a certain state was now waging war by covert means on the USA as payback for recent events which have gone against the interests of that state.
As soon as he finishes laying out this theory, the Rense network gets knocked off the air.
You know you're over the target when you start taking flak.

zapoper said...

The tranny taxi driver video was convincing in that the people running from the fence looked scared. It's also obvious that there were 2 shooters because at the beginning of the video, the taxi driver is not moving and you can hear two different gunfire. One that sounds much further than the other one.

zapoper said...

Zeebra said...

2 things I've noticed with this Vegas FF.

1) Early on, by mid-day Mon 10/2, noticed that I wasn't seeing any obvious, laughably bad crisis actors on the talmudvision wrt this "event." From the concert goers to the official press conferences, everyone appeared 'properly'/authentically stressed.

2) Another striking aspect of this latest .gov FF I've noticed in the greater social media commentary (YT, twitter etc), is a heavy (artificial?) injection of "everything's fake" hyper-skepticism, where it's as if the "skepticism pendulum hath swungeth too far" into the "everything's fake" zone. 

I'm just not seeing the proper discernment from the hyper-skeptics in judging the authenticity of these vids; and it seems more often than not, they take this condescending "sooo obvious, such baaaad acting, only the BRAIN DEAD can't see it!" attitude... on subjects like the 4.x minute killing field video, and the tranny taxi video.

Those latter 2 vids strike me as being as real as a heart attack. Yet, in the case of this current Vegas FF, these over-the-top hyper-skeptics are really flooding the alt media commentary... which strikes me as suspicious in its own right.

Could this "new" post-FF everything's-fake phenom be yet another .gov social media astroturfing psyop, to take honest truth seekers who exercise great care & discernment in coming to their hypothesis', & conflate them all with the easily dismissed (& arrogant/unlikable) everything's-fake extreme who've been systematically flooding social media, this time around the "latest gov FF" maypole?!  

It would be one thing if they expressed their hyper-skepticism in a respectful & scholarly way; but the "tell" is how they take the condescending "...and anyone who doesn't see it is an idiot" approach as I described above.

Zeebra said...

SVBob, not indicting your @4:42 PM comment above, btw. While I'm not on board with your suggestion of hollywood fakery in the 4.x min post massacre vid; you at least proposed it matter of factly, sans the condescension I've seen elsewhere in suspicious abundance... mainly in the comments in the high view-count YT vids re this Vegas FF.

Also note I never suggested the killing field vid sweepingly confirmed .gov's official killed/injured #s... only saying between it, the tranny taxi vid, & even most everything I've seen on the talmudvision, I'm sufficiently convinced that a real massacre took place.

Disbelieve virtually everything else re the (((official story))), most esp everything (((they're))) accusing Patsy Paddock of. :~\

SVBob said...

Zeebra, thanks for your comments today.
I saw a posting somewhere that an active shooter drill had been planned for Sept. 30 at the Mandalay. That means that DHS (an agency infiltrated by foreign/deep state interests) has been working on this site/project for months, with a very large contingent. We will never know what they did, since they control the hotel and local authorities, and all the evidence surrounding the site. I would suggest that they had one shooter with a belt-fed 240 sub, and another with an AK, and both with flash suppressors, shooting randomly into the crowd either at ground level or on the pavillion, and that the hotel was merely a diversion to support the cover story. For all we know they could have had speakers near the hotel blaring submachine gun sounds. They had a pre-prepared list of some victims, and some crisis actors on site too. Maybe a fair number of people were hit by the random shooting from the two guns. Who knows, and who will ever know.
I have read on the internet that the perpetrators could only use guns located in Paddock's room, because of ballistic evidence, meaning the team would have to rush to deposit their guns up to that room. Rubbish. If you, the DHS, control the hotel owner, the local police, and the coroner, why would you need to do that?!

Zeebra said...

BTW, as a case in point re the suspicious flood of (((dishonest, agent))) "stubborn & condescending Vegas hyper-skeptics" I described above, see (((Pat))) in Tuesday night's Renegade show comments: