Saturday, October 14, 2017

Was WWII a staged event?

Harry Hubbard
Published on Sep 14, 2017

After years of listening to Hitler and WWII pros and cons, my conclusion BEFORE I saw this video was that these were constructed events in the same vein as the Civil War, the Korean War, the Veitnam War, the JFK assassination, the faked moon landings, the September 11 "attacks" and now Vegas. Manufactured events (((from on high))) meant to bring about an agenda. After you watch this video I want you to take a look at "Hello Mr. Hitler." "Hello Mr. Hitler" is one of the most obnoxious videos I've ever seen, but his message is clear: there was more than one Hitler. This correlates with the book Harry is reading. What really happened back in the 1920's, '30s and '40s? I don't know. But, like everything else in this world, the story doesn't add up until you factor in the money.

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Jlynn Littleberry said...

This idiot is a jew-loving scumbag who expects his proclamations to be true until someone PROVES he is wrong, never mind him having to prove he is right - he merely cites the judaeica encylopedea as his proof (heaven forbid would a jew ever tell a lie!)