Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pyramids... busy work for the mostly idle military...

It is generally difficult to go far back in the past as verifiable sources are few and fact checking difficult – with Egypt it’s particularly bad with its 3000 years of various dynasties starting in 3150 BC when King Menes unified Egypt.

As with history in general, we must suspect much of it is falsified and that ‘Menes’ was the first ruler of Egypt seems more based on fiction than fact. There is of course ‘debate’ of whether Menes was really Narmer or the pharaoh Hor-Aha but the fact remains Egypt was conceived of officially by Menes aka Semen.

Menes – Semen (direct anagram)

The very meaningful anagram of Egypt’s founder can of course be a mere coincidence – the trouble here is that once you suspect we are looking at falsified history the number of occasions where anagrams and wordplay directly translates into freemasonic values and ideals is too preponderant. Take the name Egypt on its own for instance. The heavy emphasis on the G in Egypt might give us a valuable hint – the G is the principal letter of freemasonry and the initial of the deity God of course.

These days the only thing that makes any sense is they are having one over on us, yet again. What surprises me is people's inability or unwillingness to see it. More surprising is the seeming vast amount of people, whom we all know (whether we know it or not) that go along with and even assist this deception.  Link to post here:

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