Sunday, November 19, 2017

Swedish law only applies to Whites. Police in Sweden plead about low funding to combat No-Go zones, confront Identitarians en masse


The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Hey why don't you guys slap this Red Ice video up? Infiltrating Flat Earth International Conference - Leftovers It shows how incredibly stupid these flatearthers are that you people keep around here as pet rocks. I think it would give a more rounded perspective on their particular brand of insanity and would be all edjamacational and shit.

The Ogster said...

Since there are differences between the Admins here
I suggest you open a blog site and post it

Whether the earth is flat or not
Does that effect who prints the shekels or not?


The Ogster said...

Thank you for wasting 10 minutes of my time reviewing that shite

foon1e said...

Those who *own* The central Banking System Control the world - or so *they* would have us believe! And any "differences" between admins at Mami's are minuscule compared to those deliberately created differences in the wider Alt-news Universe out there. we're mostly united here by our need to point out the iniquities and perfidities of the Jewish Mindset:Viewing all non-jews as "Goyim" - Cattle to be used and abused in any fashion they believe they can impose upon us - and "Out" Them for their deluded belief system that confers ultimate power over life on this planet - flat or globular - into their bigoted, supremacist hands. Jews are anti-life. Period.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

The Ogster: I continue to be, as well many others, to be absolutely amazed by the position taken by the admins on this blog page concerning FLATEARTH.

Allow me to laugh. You think you wasted your time reviewing REDICE's position on FE? I am actually not trying to insult but are you insane? Because Henrik Palmgren obviously thought FE was enough of a threat to expend his effort to express an opinion.

Follow the logic here if you will. Maybe I am going out on a limb to think that you are attempting to awaken people to the threat we face in this world, yes the fucking Jews. I would hope that is what you are doing. But look at it for just a moment from our perspective out here in the hinterlands. On this page right next to your very fine efforts to inform the masses IS THE CRAZIEST MOST ILLOGICAL SHIT EVER CONCEIVED BY HUMANITY. Allow me to give you some insight. That stuff does more damage to the credibility of this page than anything else you could post in here shy of child porn. You could put up ass fuck videos in here and it would leave more room for acceptance.

And it's not just me that thinks that.

So why don't you come back with something more insightful than, "I don't give a fuck." Or "Don't waste my time." Or as Zap usually says, in his Barney Rubble voice, "He can do anything he wants. Ah huh huh huh..." and give us the real reason you people are willing to ignore such insanity. You are literally undermining your own efforts to put info out.

All of us out here, when we recommend this page to someone have to START with the fact that there is goddamn flatearth on the blog. Believe me it does not help the sale. It does not help us wake up other people. And let me guess. You are gong to come back and say you don't care. So why are you doing this again? Why don't you people just move away from those idiots and start your own blog page? I would think your readership would blossom.

The Ogster said...

Hey you asked to have a video put up
You made a statement about it

I reviewed the 10 minutes or so
and it was bullshit

Didn't prove one way or the other

One of the 1st lines in the video
were that FE and religion go hand in hand

News for me buddy

Scorpio said...

Settle down, Subtitler.
This isn't a flat earth site so relax.
Thanks in advance,

Scorpio said...

Foone is correct and has won the debate.

Voltman said...

Henrick Palmgren did a good overview of the insanity pervading suicidal Sweden and Europe.


Flatout Dumbasses or Shameless Shills

"Wecome to another riveting day of flat earth truth" says actor reading a script, given out en masse by addicted perverts from the Travestock Prostitute and the Central Insanity Agency, not to mention all those wasteful military programs who always end up with more and more cashisch to entice the ignorant and stupefy the intelligent.

Starting at 6:15 in the video "Infiltrating Flat Earth International Conference - Leftovers", a flat-headed smug punk says: "we're here, bashing the sphere cucks over their mentally deranged heads, showing the world just how crazy they are for thinking the world is some kind of globe or something."

Flat out nonsense continues to be the order of the day in all fields of human activity.

Most of the good things that happen in this world, happen *in spite* of the fake money system in which we find ourselves entrapped and mind debased.

Supreme narcissistic sissies protected by goons and propped up by dummies, pretend to be smart and sophisticated while uttering nonsense that would shame and embarrass anyone who has ever looked up at the sky long enough to notice the shape of things manifest!

How long will it take for these slowflakes to become concerned about earth-destroying aerosol spraying, ozone depletion, radiation, the MIC, etc... for example.

"There was a time when people got pissed and they did something about it. That time is gone and THEY know it"

Matt Landman


Voltman said...

The electric field around a static charge is spherical.

Here's my theory!

When the charge moves, I postulate that the field adopts the shape of a torus (toroid) because that is the shape that allows movement with the least resistance. In addition, the Momentum will increase until a reactive Magnetic force contains it and shapes it, gradually, until it attains apparent solidity through the phenomenon of resonnance, which I sometimes call "synchronous regenerative positive feedback".

The toroid replicates the shape of a circle: the outer diameter, the inner diameter, the diameter of the cross-section. The toroid has a definite axis as well. It spins on its axis and it has annular electric currents that create polar magnetic currents that reinforce the annular currents so that the oscillation is not only sustained, it grows.

From neutrons to galaxies, the patterns are the same. The same Intelligence exists at all scales. The Energy is limitless. There's plenty of Time and Space. It all depends on what you're trying to do.

I see the Sun as a Positive electric pole where these principles are behind the production of astronomical amounts of not only Energy... but Information and Intelligence as well. In the case of the Solar System, the negative poles are distributed in the form of planets. Those planets have electric and magnetic fields in various proportions. There is a continuous stream of "particles, "electrons, protons, electromagnetic waves, energy and, I postulate, information and intelligence that serves as a conveyor belt between the Sun and the Planets.

Anyway... they didn't teach me that in school.

Erik Paul said...

...and those toroids taste delicious and are great for dunking!