Monday, November 6, 2017

The System is Down Podcast #28 With Dan Smotz - 2017.11.06

Discussing topics that your family prays you won't bring up around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Conspiracies, politics, religion, and much more, we're here to shed light on breaking or broken systems and have a fun time doing it. Question everything and stay uncomfortable!

New York City Terrorist Attack False Flag Clues

On October 31, 2017 a terrorist attack occurred in New York City. It was labeled "The biggest terrorist attack on NYC since 9/11". Two days later, few people seem to care. 
In today's episode Craig and I break down some of the strange factors in this attack and speculate on what's really going on. False Flag? Legit attack? Well bring our findings, you be the judge. 
Let's get weird.

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Amanda said...

SVBob said...

After listening to this, I think that the host of the show doesn't really know anything and doesn't follow the current news, so this show can be safely removed from the Grizzom playlist - unless he gets a good guest like Ole Dammegaard.

zapoper said...

Yeah. I'm not systematically posting all of them. I just thought that one was light and funny.

Annette A said...

I thought it was great..needed a good laugh