Sunday, December 31, 2017

An Homage to Frederick C. Blackburn


Erik Paul said...

I hope BB9 understands French. To me it's just gibbering set to music. :-)

zapoper said...

Good vibes are universal so I think he'll get it.

Unknown said...

great artist who worked also with Edith Piaf

blackbird9's Pepper Plan said...

Greetings all!

Happy New Year 2018!!!

Wow! What a wonderful song. I am humbled
and honored, good sir.

"Tu t'rappelles, Frédéric?"

Oui. ;)

- bb9

blackbird9's Pepper Plan said...

Please forgive my errors . . . faux pas! . . . lol

But here is a rough translation:

I do not care about the world when Frédéric reminds me of the love of our twenty years our sorrows, our home without forgetting the buddies of the steps today scattered to the four winds we were not poets nor priests, nor malignant but Papa liked us you Remember Sunday? Around the table, it was laughing, chatting while mom was serving us but after...

After that, life has eaten you as it eats everyone today or later and I have been following since the time we dreamed of leaving the old furniture since the time we dreamed to r'trouver all end alone you forgot Chopin me, I did my best Today you drink wine It's more serious the father takes a shot of old and all that makes old. . .

Afterwards, it was the most beautiful feast of the Feasts the Feast of lovers lasted only one spring then autumn returned this autumn of Life Farewell, Bel Harlequin! You see that we lied to you collapsed the castles! Farewell, Moonlight! After all, it takes this to carve a life without arguments a life of good living . . .

The La La... You remember, Frederick? Come on, bye!

"Frédéric - Claude Léveillée"

- bb9