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Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye - Live! 2017.12.02

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called "Inside The Eye - Live!" 

Hour 1 - Red Ice Radio’s Weak Attempt at Covering Recent Saudi Events
Hour 2 - Michael Thomas Goodrich
Hour 3 - Michael Thomas Goodrich

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Unknown said...

Not a fan of Red Ice and factions of the Alt Right but the guest they had on discussing Saudi Arabia puts The Fetch to shame. Here is the Red Ice show again. Listen so that you can have a broader perspective.

TheFetch said...

Nothing he said I have not covered, Nick. Nothing. He basically said little other than reported information from various news sources. At the end of the day, bfd. If you want to go read and aggregate some news, knock yourself out.

The guy ended up putting me to sleep.

The first half hour was extremely generic and a rehash of various well reported news stories. He did not cover the methodology of how Walid bin Talal made his wealth off of real estate, which was to create massive penalties for failure to deliver and hence contractors essentially ended up paying for the property with a profit to bin Talal for the favor of taking the contract. He did not cover the Hillary connections. He did not cover the succession commission set-up by King Abdullah. He did not cover the feud between the Shammari Tribes and the Sudairi Tribes.

He said that Bandar bin Sultan is currently running the intelligence services. He has been arrested as part of this major sweep. He has been out of favor for years.

He lies when he says that the Saudi government does not have faith in their people. There is a huge push to replace literally EVERYONE - I have already lost two contracts as part of this Saudi-ization Process.

The guy is an idiot when he speaks about "the only sport is drifting" and playing video. Really? How the fuck does he know that? The practice of drifting has largely been stamped out. Sports entertainment is the national football clubs and the following is beyond huge within the country.

I just spend 2 days at a major international conference on blended learning. The government owned private company responsible for training Saudi's for their 2030 transition partnered with an institution I work with and had over 160,000 Saudi youth sign up and participate in just one training program this past summer. Over US$10 billion is being spent on efforts to raise the professional development of Saudi citizens - yet the government - which is the people here - "doesn't trust its people"?


Bottom line - this LaBrun guy doesn't have a clue. It was painfully obvious.

Unknown said...

Fetch, could you give a view on the factions fighting?
I gathered, its 3 main clans within this huge family.
Would you think it is possible, that perhaps one factions has indeed Dönmeh origins, the others not? Would explain to me the Kushner connection.
A few in iirc 5000(?) Princes Dönmeh, and bat shit crazy like their chabad cousins? They would have the same messianic agenda.

TheFetch said...

Heh - Perkins - removed many years ago while in Jordan. I spoke about that on my show too when the event occurred. When I told people here what was being spread about me, people actually laughed. Am not sure if I should find it flattering, though, that people think that I am so important that Saudi would not only bother with me, but integrate me into their public relations efforts.

See how silly it gets?

Regarding the factions fighting - The main clan, which LaBrun mentioned, was the "Sudairi 7". The ONLY reason I did not bother to raise this as a big issue is because they are all dead, except for Salman, so the issue at this stage is largely mute. Since the original king had quite a number of wives. The children are identified through the lines of the mother and her extended tribe, hence the "Sudairi 7" is derived from the name of the mother "Sudair", while King Abdullah came from a mother from the Shammar tribe.

The letter "i" at the end of the word means "from", hence Sudair1 means "from Sudair", while Shammari means "from Shammar".

So TECHNICALLY - what infighting is taking place, if any, is between the Sudair and Shammar tribes.

Regarding Saud (the male line), whether they are Donmeh or not, who knows. Certainly we cannot dismiss it out of hand - such is the infiltration of Jews into ruling circles across the world. Being a guest here, there are only two taboo issues: excessive light on the Royal Family and "criticizing Islam".

Political correct speech on these two issues rule supreme...

The problem here in the Middle East, and that includes Iran, is that so much of the leadership is filled with this messianic thinking, that so perhaps because so much of the people here are so simple and leading them through their religion is the path of least resistance.

TheFetch said...

Another quick note on issues here in Saudi. I am here 8-9 months per year. I deal with Saudi a lot, so obviously, you will be getting far more information on what is happening here than some guy sitting in America writing for Counter-Currents.

My only point is that after hearing what LaBrun had to say - I was happy to hear that listeners to Inside the Eye - Live! and Inside the Eye - Live! Prime Time are getting superior information.

For instance, on this past Thursday's Prime Time Show, I mentioned (paraphrasing here) that those being held were being offered deals of being able to keep as much as 30% of their holdings but as part of the deal, their charges will not be dropped till all moneys secreted offshore were returned, after which time their cases would be dropped. I mentioned that a deal was made that allowed those tho believed they were innocent to ask for a court trial and that 4 individuals had insisted they were innocent and were requesting a trial.

I knew about the strategy the very day the arrests were made public, but not being public nor confirmed in independent news sources, could not say anything.

Remember: the governments in the Middle East view reporting of unreported facts as evidence that the person is acting under the guise of a reporter for which you would then need special clearance from the government to be in these various countries in order to act under this capacity.

I am NOT a "reporter" -

On Thursday's show I said "it was rumored" regarding the settlement strategy.

I had not read that Prince Muteb, the former head of the National Guard, already made a deal worth about US$1 billion.
hat I "reported" on Thursday's Prime Time show was already public knowledge by the 29th of Nov, but EVERY BIT of my information came from my own internal sources and varies slightly from what was reported by Reuters on the 29th.

I just found the above article today, Dec 3.

Unknown said...

Thx Fetch,
I was more referring to the Iraqi Intel Directorate's assessment from Sadam times on the House of Saud, also mentioned in Madsens 2 parter. These docs are an interesting read, too bad lot has been blacked out.

I am more tracking the Frankists, the messianic loons, and at some point, you come accross the Dönmeh, Sabbatai Zevi, who came to be the finance guru of the Turk Sultan.

Regarding toeing the line, I guess its not different for say Red Ice. They are in Sweden, and any mention in EUSSR of jews is already a taboo. You can only mention them if jews do supposedly good. You are always already endangered to be dragged in front of the inquisition.

TheFetch said...

I listened to that Red Ice show because the Saudi angle interested me. Not ONCE was the word Jew mentioned, or if it was - it was not anything that caught my ear...

Am not sure what people mean by me "toeing the line".

Considering where I am, I feel I have been fair in my assessment. I am not keen on Saudi's foreign policy, but have explained why it is as it is. I have raised the issue that Yemen is not a unanimously popular venture and that there is resistance internally to how the war is being prosecuted. I have mentioned that Saudi policy has dovetailed into Israeli foreign policy. I mentioned a long time ago that anti-Israeli programming was dropped from national television networks...

Am not sure what the problem is with some of these complaints...

To be fair - LaBrun's analysis of Saudi was perhaps 60%

Unknown said...

Fetch, I appreciate your shows from jordan or Saudi, because I have no other such good source from inside these countries. We only hear the default propaganda, usually not much at all about Saudi, except they want to sell some Leo 2 tanks to them. And even that is kept uhm, almost whispered, because its not popular. It was the comment here which made me listen to LeBuin after your show, and I agree, its pretty much public domain info.
I found your experience with the Syrian girl interesting, and that's the kind of of I like to listen.
Toeing the line, you said it, you can't be a reporter, and I tried to say, Red Ice can't be reporters too on certain topics as we would like them to be. The EUSSR is in absolute panic repression mode, so even the word jew may get you into big trouble you didn't even think of.
So I can understand a bit, why RedIce use "they, they, they" as you pointed out.
On the other hand, I know, we all must speak out.

Unknown said...

Unknown. "Regarding toeing the line, I guess its not different for say Red Ice. They are in Sweden, and any mention in EUSSR of jews is already a taboo."

-Henrich & Lana live in America and have for awhile now :)

Unknown said...

Another good source to look at for the recent happenings in Saudi Arabia are the interviews Marwa Osman has been doing. Fetch has said more in this comment section than he has discussed in the past few weeks on his shows.

I can't wait until when Jonathan Azaziah gets the OK from his lawyer to start blogging and doing interviews again. Our next podcast will be the most informative.

wwood14 said...

Before my arthritis got to bad, I was a fan of Bacchetta bikes. Very good recumbents. Good show.

Unknown said...

@Circus Maximus

That the two Redice people live in US I did not know. I thought it's still from Gothenburg.
Makes it far less understandable then why "they,they,they".

Unknown said...

The Fetch - "I listened to that Red Ice show because the Saudi angle interested me. Not ONCE was the word Jew mentioned, or if it was - it was not anything that caught my ear..."

Completely disingenuous...

Israel and the jewish angle was covered extensively in this 90+ minute show.

TheFetch said...

Marwa Osman indeed had an interesting angle while Azaziah can be interesting. LaBrun does not cover at all the motivations of Saudi, which are uniquely different perception-wise than Israel and Jewish USA.

Your constant "disparagement" of others to garner attention is rather, well - nice for attention and click bait.

Nothing written here has not been a part of my shows, Nick. But nice try.

Also, nice effort at advertising your upcoming efforts, btw.

TheFetch said...

"It was the comment here which made me listen to LeBuin after your show, and I agree, its pretty much public domain info.
I found your experience with the Syrian girl interesting, and that's the kind of of I like to listen."

The WORST part of the presentation was not the way in which public domain information was presented. Well enough. What was exceptionally weak was LaBrun's "conclusions" relative to his "analysis". He clearly doesn't have a clue and that was painfully obvious.

Erik Paul said...

The really important story here that no one has addressed is the loss of one inch per ten years with a conventional seat compared to a recumbent one.

TheFetch said...

""The really important story here that no one has addressed is the loss of one inch per ten years with a conventional seat compared to a recumbent one.""

Now wasn't that the most bizarre bit of information to make its way into Inside the Eye - Live!? Didn't know what to say after hearing that.

"Fetch, I'm really not comfortable with you after I found out that you moved to Saudi Arabia right before everything happened over there. The tiiming is suspect and for you to "disappear" for almost a week,"

Am going to bring on a gal called Mary who was with me the whole time. She is the gal that did the voice over for the new bumper intro on Inside the Eye - Live! Prime Time! She was with me (and still is) during the entire time of this incident.

You want a picture of the new denture and pictures of the dental invoices? :D

The good thing about me is that I am always - ALWAYS - honest and so never have to worry about dealing with covering my trail. I don't need to prove anything to you or anyone else.

The new chops, btw, are far superior.

TheFetch said...

One last issue here - to M. Perkins - don't be surprised if you are not a part of Inside the Eye - Live! Prime Time! this week.

larry said...

Don't worry, Nick always seems to be in the middle of some teenage girl rumor mill bullshit calling someone a shill, which is always suspect to anyone with half a brain.

TheFetch said...

"Your not fooling anyone, except those who want to be fooled."

The only people fooled here would be anyone actually believing you, and you yourself, who seem to be caught up in some bizarre script that has elevated "The Fetch" to nearly mythical level of intelligence awareness.

It is also rumured that The Fetch is indeed some intel asset gone rogue, a White hat working a White hat angle without the White hat controllers being able to ultimately control the message.

But that gets deep.

"You have to agree that people have a right to question you."

Shrugs. They were already pre-emptively informed of the reasons why a disappearance occured.

TheFetch said...

The parallels between Saleh's death and Qaddafi's death apparently went right over your head...Saleh was not well liked here in Saudi Arabia, but as we can all see, the Houthis are far more violent. Hard to distinguish between Libyans working for Hillary or Houthis working for ????

But to listen to clowns like LaBrun in the "Alt Right". you would think that the Houthis are saints "just wanting democracy and to live in peace".

Yeah. Okay.

LindseyNarrates said...

You never answered the question about where you were while you disappeared, which is what all of this is about.

TheFetch said...

It was answered - on air. Perhaps you don't even listen to the show or found other things that occupied your time and attention while you did? The return shows were all good and worth a second listen

And no - you are the one trying to support the Houthis as if they are some benevolent democracy loving people...or was that LaBrun?

And for the record - all the video from the Saleh killing pretty much proved my point. There ain't much difference between Libyan "rebels" and Houthi "rebels", no matter how much spin some of these alt-Right pundits would like to impress the audience with.

Unknown said...

Nick calls out the bullshit whenever he sees it. He has No tolerance for Shills, and "SO CALLED" truthers.
Trying to discredit him by comparing him to a teenage girl is really pathetic. Nick is one of the best researchers out there,and his knowledge on many important topics is way to advanced for even the Fetch.
We need more "truthers" like Nick.

TheFetch said...

Nancy - Nick is promoting LaBrun. LaBrun's presentation is surface research that is error laden in his delivery and chock with false assumptions and presumptions. That isn't great advertising for Nick as some superior researcher.

What brought this all to a head is simple:

I stand by my words: listeners of Inside the Eye - Live! are getting far superior information on current events in Saudi than what Red Ice TV and Counter-Currents is getting promoting LaBrun.

TheFetch said...

Perhaps Nick can come up with his "Top 10 Shills List" and why he believes so. Might make for a good video....

chukk said...

The fact that fetcho is spending so much trying defending himself proves he is up to something. Doesn't mean he has been "co-opted" by the Sauids or something to that extreme or nefarious, but there is defiantly more than what the fetch can or will say. I remember a few years back people from honey radiance kept claiming fetcho was involved energy beams and other crazier theories and fetcho never addressed those crazy theories except when the honey guy called him(coincidentally the same show as bob tuskin tussle...)I myself noticed fetcho change his messenge and rhetoric to some degree a couple months after he started broadcasting from saudi a copule years back.I never questioned it but now that it seems obvious to other people I decided two give my two cents

zapoper said...

I only gave one penny and now I'm broke.

TheFetch said...

The "defense" is not so much of "myself" as "The Fetch", but a defense for the audience who deserves to be treated with proper accord and respect by leading content providers in the Alt Right, for which Red Ice TV and Counter-Currents could certainly be considered.

More - Nick sought to make it sound like somehow Le Brun has way more insight and information that "The Fetch".

Example: Le Brun, on Counter-Currents, stated that the national pastime of Saudi Arabia was "drifting". The issue of drifting I covered on my show at the height of this fad. But in the end, the issue of "drifting" was a FAD. A fricking FAD that died out over 2 years ago, but Le Brun is telling you people, and Nick is supporting Le Brun, that such information is accurate.

Le Brun spoke about how the "Sudairi 7" are reclaiming their control of the Kingdom. Of the original Sudairi 7, a majority are dead and only 2 are still active in politics. Le Brun implied that King Abdullah was part of the reclaiming on behalf of the Sudairi 7. That was a blatantly false statement. King Abdullah was from the Shammar tribe.

Is Le Brun lying or just an idiot doing research, delivering that research reasonably well - but ultimately doesn't know shit about the reality of what is going on? I vote for the latter. I would not give the guy enough credit to actually be smart enough to purposely lie.

You can make a claim he spoke in error...then where is the retraction?

There are so many holes in Le Brun's finer details that if he was a boat he would sink, yet he is being promoted by the Alt Right as the "go to guy" on Saudi. This does the audience a massive disservice and it is for the audience that I have always spoken.

Just today, I spoke with someone that was an employee at the Ritz Carlton. I know how many people are currently detained, the various nationalities - do you think Le Brun has this information?

The whole reason for this "defense" is to simply keep the record straight for you, the audience.

Listen tonight. This is going to be a "drama topic" for a part of the show...

Listen - I do a

Tim said...

don;t mind for fetch to give more saudi perspective, but le brun clearly mentions jews.

TheFetch said...

Le Brun's last two shows barely mentioned or focused on the Jewish angle...

Scorpio said...

Saudi Jewrabia is known worldwide as a beacon of free speech, political openness and dissident viewpoints, especially from foreigners.

Tim said...

show description: ' Patrick argues that the Jewish state longs to be surrounded by weak, unstable regimes, and is thus opposed to strong nationalists that threaten such an arrangement. The show covers much more, including the relationship between Sunni and Shiite Muslims'

looks like talking bout jews to me....................

TheFetch said...

"Patrick argues that the Jewish state longs to be surrounded by weak, unstable regimes, and is thus opposed to strong nationalists that threaten such an arrangement."

That is a well known Jewish strategy. So how the hell do people get off making it sound that "Patrick" is "arguing" this? That is not his argument at all - he is simple stating known Jewish policy. The idea that Jews are averse to nationalist governments extends to Western nations, yet that side never got discussed.

TheFetch said...

"Saudi Jewrabia is known worldwide as a beacon of free speech, political openness and dissident viewpoints, especially from foreigners."

How about you talk to us about how you get arrested for hate crimes in the UK for criticizing Jews? Or how about you get arrested for singing songs about the Holocaust? In Saudi they don't arrest you for that but you do get arrested for doing just that in many Western countries.

So which countries are really Judaified? United Jew Kingdom? Canajewda? Germanjewia?

The disconnect from reality is glaring beyond belief.

LindseyNarrates said...

Fetch, the problem that people are having is that you have been cught in a bald faced lie, and that is pretty clear now.

If you lied about something that anyone can find for themselves then what else are you lying about? Are you lying about pretty much everything, or is that the only lie that you have told here, about Red Ice and le brun not mentioning jews or israel?
You have been caught, Fetch, and while I would never expect someone like you to admit that you have been exposed, I think that it is pretty clear that you have and people can make up their minds how they feel about you and everything that you have said.

TheFetch said...

Ok Perkins - why don't you pick out the exact spot where Le Brun and Henrik were specifically highlighting Jews - not "Israel", not "they", but Jews.

Let me know when you find it.

Le Brun DOESN'T KNOW SHIT but SURFACE LEVEL information. And he is not even intelligent enough to actually get that information correct. Seriously, I do my own thing because nobody has my angle or information. It dovetails into other audiences, but I had NO IDEA who Le Brun was until this recent show with Henrik.

Frankly. I know why. He contributes nothing for Inside the Eye - Live!

TheFetch said...

If it is just one small blip in a full hour show - we can be forgiven for skipping over it. We all have our moments and that show had lots of spaces to simply skip over.

Tim said... saudi arabia

TheFetch said...

Your comment was deleted because you were being a complete asshole who made comments and statements that were so far out of line and defamatory that there wasn't any point in allowing it to remain.

You tried to make your point - failed miserably in doing so - and seem to want to now digress to chasing your talking points like a dog chasing its tail.

Do you have anything more of value to add?

TheFetch said...

Hey Perkins - give it up - Fetch's know more than most of you will ever hope to are so far confused by now it almost cute watching you spin your theories. You really should consider joining some Jewish writing guild...