Saturday, December 9, 2017

Feck hands up don't shoot (viewer discretion advised)

Trained probably in israel


Unknown said...

Criminal pigs in uniform, they should be executed, no matter Shaver sounds jewish.

It looked to me like a set up, targeted execution, got the woman out and they executed him.

James Simon said...

That was murder. Nothing that kid would have done to stop back up from shooting him I wonder where the outrage is?

The Ogster said...

It's in the israeli training manual
shoot fired as dead men can't defend themselves

Unknown said...

Murder is OK if you rebrand it "self defence", "national security" or "keeping the peace"

That's why so many piece of sh¡t Jews are lawyers and judges - so they can "interpret" the word of God - as if that's a rational thing to do.

Jews are the scum we need to excise

zapoper said...

Police were called to a hotel in Mesa, Arizona, in 2016 after a report of someone pointing a gun out of a window.

Daniel Shaver does look as if he is reaching for a gun just before the policeman shoots him. I'm sure that's how the policeman got off on murder charges.

The orders given by the cop were confusing to say the least.

coincidenceskeptic said...

I'm not buyin' it. This is fake... If you don't know this is fake then you probably have little experience with guns. We should be seeing more recoil and muzzle flash. Where's the blood splatter? Or any blood for that matter.
I also did not hear an officer identifying himself as such.
Have you ever been arrested by a cop with his gun drawn? I assure you. He would not have you crawl to him...especially when there are two cops.
They would search you up against a wall or they would cuff you on the ground. Then lift you up and search you.
Now, if they were trained in Israel, they would have held a small Palestinian child up as a shield...or run over them with a bulldozer..

Unknown said...

" We should be seeing more recoil and muzzle flash. "

Contrary to your hollywood movies, the video shows reality how weapons fire looks.