Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Forcing a Saturated 5G Future Without Safety Checks


coincidenceskeptic said...

Because Americans need high speed, web enabled bongs and dildos. I can hardly wait yet, I don't know why.

Voltman said...

Saturate me
Radiate me
Oscillate me
Modulate me

Calibrate me
Operate me
Tolerate me
Terminate me

Analyze me
Criticize me
Digitize me
Supersize me

Hypnotize me
Civilize me
Finalize me
Paralyze me

Rush Voltman

Rush - Animate - Live in Frankfurt

Voltman said...

Saturate (continued)

Ionise me
Pressurize me
Pasteurize me
Standardize me

Vaccinate me
Medicate me
Desecrate me
Denigrate me

We're gonna need more than tin foil hats to shield ourselves from these weapons of mass destruction...