Thursday, December 7, 2017

Project Camelot Dec 6th, 2017

Time to blow the whistle on whistle blowers.

Kerry Cassidy has a discusion with latest whistle blower Cody Snodgres with his handler Ole Dammegard. Just in time for Christmas, Cody plays Santa with a huge sack of shit for the faithful and Ole plays the elf role


Project Camelot


A View from the Bog


Scorpio said...

Excellent description.
Is that a Deleroni original?

delcroix said...

Hi scorp ,
I don't normally pass comment on the bullshit ,
but when I do ......
it is a delaronie for sure ;-)

Voltman said...

The Legend of Bill Cody

Cody the whistler got a Master's degree in physics. He died twice, apparently...
He has experience with the Chicago Black Ops and the Green Bay FudgePackers.

Cody turned down a million dollars from the government...
He didn't blow the Alfred P Murrah building up. Hurrah.
He has bodyguards, he's brave, he's a Whistle Blower.
He had to wait for the Clinton's to go...where? Jail? Nope.

Okay Ole!

Are we saying that Skerry Cassidy and the Holy Dammergardian angel are leading us down the garden path?

Holy Dummergard Voltman! It looks like another project Scamelot!!!

Erik Paul said...

The Green Gay Fudge-Packers vs the Tampa Gay Fuckinqueers. What a gaym it was!!