Thursday, January 11, 2018

BREAKING: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"


Voltman said...

I ain't no Twittie Bird but I have heard between the branches that snowflakes are always afraid and easily offended by whoever the controllers tell them to be offended by.

This offends me greatly.
Can I censor CNN and the rest of them?
How about those New York Slimes?
Can I? Can I? Can I?

This is a great article by Mike King:

How am I offended?
Let me count the ways...
1234567890*10En where n tends towards: Enfinity

The Atom Smashers have once again scattered their cosmic debris all over the Indian Ocean.

Highly Classified Satellite Plummeted Into Indian Ocean After SpaceX Launch, Official Confirms

"Of course, Northrop Grumman wouldn’t comment on the launch. "This is a classified mission. We cannot comment on classified missions,” Lon Rains, communications director for Northrop, said in a statement to The Verge."

Then I will comment Lon Boy, since in my world, gigantic misuses of taxpayer money like this, are classified under "Colossal Failures". People like you, Looonie Lonnie, are classified under the category, "Below Useless".

Voltman said...

And, as usual with the BIC (Bullshit Industrial Complex), the speculation goes into Infinite Spin Mode (ISM) or Idiot Strem Media. Anyway...

"But a payload adapter failure would explain a lot: it would mean the spacecraft and the rocket’s upper stage made it to orbit still attached, where they were picked up by Strategic Command’s tracking. Then the two somehow de-orbited, on accident or maybe even on purpose — it’s possible SpaceX used the rocket to send the pair careening toward Earth, since Zuma was not designed to live in orbit with a rocket strapped to its back."

Perhaps Donald The Big Button Rocket Man could have a rocket strapped to his back and sent Zuming to a nice Prison Planet with his buddy, Bully SatanYahWho...?

"Meanwhile, Army Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Davis Junior, the Pentagoon spookesman for space cadet policy, referred questions to SpaceX. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carryied the Zuma satellite into orbit...maybe...

In short: i) nobody wants to talk and ii) nobody wants to take the blame. The confusion prompted The Verge to actually post "Did SpaceX’s secret Zuma mission actually fail?"

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that the mission failed. I hope every thing the pentagoons attempt turns into a Colossal Failure of astrological proportions.

Voltman said...

Big Button Man Gets Big Indigestion as Monte Zuma's Big Rocket Blows Up

Almighty POTUS is GREAT !
The Great One has said so himself!

Just listen to our dear leader
Our Neoconderthal dealer
Pope Donald Trumpenstein The Great

We listen to him all the time!
He's a genius, that's how great he is!
And now america is great
And getting greater every way
The future's so bright...
I got to wear shades

He just Loves To Press Those Buttons
While being paid to fool those muttons
His buffoonery got some cryin'
When he talks, he can't stop lyin'

The FBI are loonies; they're looking everywhere
They have so many duties, like checking underwear
Can't arrest those Bilderbergers
While they choke on nothing burgers

Voltman said...

The Koreans should light up a toke
Celebrate and laugh at the joke
Take a poke at this BIG Rocket Dope

The FBI loonies are looking everywhere
They have many duties like checking underwear
Can't arrest those Bilderbergers
While they choke on nothing burgers

Atturkey General, Deff Sessions, hasn't learned any lessons on proper hearings and hasn't heard anything about all those high crimes in high places. This fossil fool dinosaur wants to fill more prisons with pot smokers ! He should smoke a big toke and put on some earings, and a goldman nose ring. He could join the inmates down at Prison Planet.

Jlynn Littleberry said...

Voltman, when I go to the link you provided (above):

all I get is a page to sign up for something - could you check your link to see if it is really an article we can read? I have read Mike King before and find him to be interesting.

Voltman said...

JLynn, this is the only link I have. I have no trouble myself, reading the article there...
However, I can no longer copy and paste segments of the article liked I used to.

Voltman said...

Goon Shadow Banning

Let US sing the praises of Our Holy Emperor, Donald Tramp The Great.

Let us give thanks for his unsurpassed Great Job Creating Ability!
Today, more people are being hired to impede the free flow of information!

They call them "engineers"... But they're mere mindless mercenaries working for the psychopunks we all know and despise. They work for liars and deceivers. You may stick them in the category " Below Useless".

Shabos Goons

I'm being followed by a Goon Shadow Goon Shadow Goon Shadow
Deleted and hidden by a Goon Shadow Goon Shadow Goon Shadow
And if I ever lose my phone, my computer and my mind, yes if I ever lose control,
oh weee eeee eee e ee eeee eee ee e, I won't have to write no more

I'm being banned by a deep darkness, Goon Shadow Goon Shadow
I'm being shunned by a cold silence, Goon Shadow Goon Shadow
I'm being stunned into stone stillness, Goon Shadow Goon Shadow
Stymied and hindered into oblivion, Goon Shadow Goon Shadow
Hidden, filtered, categorized, demonetized and cannibalized by goon shadows, Goon Shadow Goon Shadow

Shadows Goy

Most of the time, I can never be sure if anything I write is read by anybody. I've known since April 2001, that shadow banning was implemented to one degree or another on the Internet. Activist websites such as attracted so many good content contributors that all the archived material including their greatest hits, were suddenly wiped out after a phony group of limp-wristed administrators infiltrated Indymedia, sanitized it and claimed that they upgraded or changed the website software. After that, all the arhives were lost, inaccessible. The contents must have been deemed too dangerous to the controllers who were hell-bent on upholding the bullshit about 911 and everything else that exposes them for the mass-murdering gangsters they obviously are. But Deff Sessions wants to send evil pot smokers to jail!

So as you can see, things just keep on getting better and better. Thankfully there is Hezbollah, Iran and the other good guys!

Crocodile Gandhi

zapoper said...

Of all the so called "engineers", only one was white and half of them had accents from another country.

Viva el multiculturalismo!!!

Voltman said...

PrivetHedge said:

"The safest place for mankind of any highly classified US satellite is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, one less targeting aid for ISIS and the Neocons."

Gobble D. Goop said:

"Looks like I picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue."