Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.01.16

David Wemhoff on John Courtney Murray, Time/Life and the American Proposition

David A. Wemhoff returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his book John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition: How the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Changed the Catholic Church.

David is a lawyer practicing in South Bend, Indiana. His website is The American Proposition.

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Voltman said...

David Wemhoff says America will last a long time "because America is just so resilient."

How resilient is it to geoengineered droughts, wildfires, chemtrails, radioactive fallout, illegal immigration, forced vaccination, traitors, criminals and lying psychopunks?


Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk
By Stephen Lendman

"Like Vladimir Putin, his remarks are straight forward and candid, unlike Western double talk, saying one thing, intending something entirely different, supporting war, abhorring peace.

At his annual press conference, Lavrov discussed important international issues over the past year, along with Russian foreign policy priorities in the months ahead.

They include combatting (US-supported) terrorism, "...



"They include combatting (US-supported) terrorism, "

Do You Want it Darker?

The vatican is a cesspool too.
Go ask Charlie Giuliani.

"They want to stay on the winning side."

They propagate the false idea that
"the American ideal is theologically correct "...

The Pope says: USA USA USA!

Voltman says: FUCK THE POPE!
Just another fucking dope!

The Dope supports the US and it's agencies which are irrefutably the biggest terrorist organizations in the world as well as the biggest purveyors of bullshit in the known universe.

Flat lining zombies are marching in line
All taking orders from certified swine
Traveling combies are wasting your time
Causing disorders and all kinds of crime

Thick headed pentagoons and fat headed buffoons
Are taking all the calls from Neoconderthals
Blabbering dumbasses in shitholes like CNN
Jabbering jackasses in toilet bowls overflowing to no end
Glorify FBI, Fucking Bunch of Idiots
Sanctify Flaky Fakes, spinning dummy fairy shits

Do You Want it Darker?

Criminally Insane Assholes, the CIA
Spy on the Flat Out Liars in the DIA
Frequent liars NSA don't have any truth to say
Tapping wires everyday, stoking fires for their pay

The wheels of government are turning on flat tires.

You want it darker - Leonard Cohen