Monday, January 15, 2018

Something VERY Odd About ShitHoleGate (That NOBODY Caught)

Share this EVERYWHERE and humiliate FAKE-Stream Media


Zeebra said...

good meme, throws in a little russia-collusion fake news for spice!

Mark Dice had some good shithole-gate vids last week,

Erik Paul said...

Dammit! Stop repeating the question and answer it! Why the hell are we doing this?

Unknown said...

It gets better and better... Who unleashed all these "truther investigators" with the Trump campaign.

"George Webb speculates that the Hawaii false flag ("missile warning") was intended to prevent Bill and Hillary from escaping the US by grounding all the flights out of Honolulu."

That's George, long suspected you were full of shit! Just like David Steele - pure disinfo BS