Sunday, January 14, 2018

This is very "anti-semitic"


Voltman said...

I'm more anti-Semitic than you!
My comment was banned over at American Free Press!

The article was:
24 States Pass Laws Protecting Israel

The comment was:

There won’t be any need to boycott israel after Hezbollah and Iran slaughter these grotesque, disgusting and hypocritical pigs!

My comment awaited moderation for 5 days apparently, then it was discarded. I'm not surprised but imagine if I had said the same thing about ISIS instead of israhell when we were being trained by the controllers to hate ISIS, these disgusting, grotesque and hypocritical pigs...?

Now who's behind ISIS?

Voltman said...

The Protocols of Barbara Lerner Specter of Zion

Intro Spection by the In Spector

(DISASSOCIATED PRESS) - Barbara Lerner Specter blows the director's reactor and goes down on the whole European Union of Blowhards & Dickheads.

The European Union of Traitors who are hell-bent on staging more gang rapes, more false-flags, more car burnings, more crime, more hatred, more injustice, as I was saying, the European Union of Bumbling Bureaucratic Bullshit Distributors & Gang Bankster Protection Racketeers is also indulging in more taxation, more chaos, more fraud, more stupidity, more insanity, more bureaucracy, more "security", and bringing in more strangers.

And I say to myself: " What a Wonderful World"...

Stranger than Fiction!

Barbara the learned specter is an elder of zion and she knows the jews are going to be resented because she knows that the jews are at the center of this mission to save Europe from the scourge of nationalism, whiteness, classic European cultures and ethnicities, etc., by bringing in hordes of invaders painted as refugees... Because she knows that multiculturalism is the only thing that can save Europe. She said so! "Without the leading role of the jews, Europe will not survive. "

Yes Barbara the Barbarian! Who could ever doubt your inate wisdom and knowledge of what is best for Europe, yay, the whole world?!

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for the destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Voltman said...

Comments: The Chosen Ones

Cherry picked from somewhere I can't remember.

[Jerel Shaw]
Jerel Shawyesterday at 08:32
"This is an excellent example of an 'act of evil intentions'. Not until the UN leaders can stand against these obvious evil intentions would they become fully worthy. Stand-up world! Stand against evil and destruction! Stand up before it's too late.'

'Riots in Iran are classical CIA operations. You invariably see professionally prepared placards in English designed for the dumbed down CNN crowd. The Zionists are the puppet masters and they want Iran defanged. They will use young americans to spill their blood and the taxpayers to fund the war. In the meantime the Pentagon will play the patriotism card. This folks is game theory in action. Game theory was designed in Israel. It is the Arab Spring all over again but on steroids. Bibi has been complaining the Iranians were weeks away from a Nuke ever since 1992.'

Trump too wants fire and fury. He has surrounded himself with military folks, his advisors are largely Zionists. The petro dollar is on the ropes and Trump is on the verge of a dollar reset."

Sounds plausible to me.

Reallyyesterday at 08:32
There are far important issues around the world that needs a UNSC meeting then Iran’s internal issues. LIKE ISRAEL WAR CRIMES ON PALESTANIANS. SAUDI BOMBING AND STARVING YEMEN’s children, US illigal invasion of Syria and so on.
Let’s have UNSC meeting.

Sounds good!

R3dp055um> hb18 hours ago
Wikipedia has an entire page listing all the UN resolutions condemning Israel.

Chinook15 hours ago
The greatest threat to world peace is still the United States of America. Convening a UNSC meeting to discuss the minority protest in Iran was an abuse of the system.

Wayne pacific6 hours ago
Hezbollah's victory over the IDF in 2006 instilled deep fear into Israel. From this came the Israeli inspired attack upon Syria, and now upon Iran - both of which are allies of Hezbollah. The attack upon Ukraine is linked to Russia's defense of Syria. It is all linked and inspired by Israel's influence over America.

The Central Scrutinizer

Voltman said...

New Silicon Valley Cyber Center to Tackle anti-Semitic Online Hate

New Silicon Valley 'command center' will use technology to fight Islamophobia, racism, and other hatreds that 'have exploded online'

According to a statement, "the center will employ the best technology and seasoned experts to monitor, track, analyze and mitigate hate speech and harassment across the internet, in support of the Jewish community and other minority groups."

That report was one of a handful of recent studies to focus on how anti-Semitism played out on social media over the past year. It highlighted that more than two-thirds of the hate speech directed at Jewish-American journalists on Twitter came from a group of roughly 1,600 users, who in most cases identified as supporters of Donald Trump and of the far-right. One of the findings of that study was that Twitter only suspended 21 percent of the accounts responsible for majority of the anti-Semitic hate being spread on the platform.