Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Conspiracy Guy with Jim Fetzer 2018.01.31

James Henry Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight University Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. A Princeton graduate–magna cum laude in philosophy–he resigned his commission as a Captain to earn a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science. During a 35-year career as a professor of philosophy, he offered courses principally in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning. His academic curriculum vitae as of 31 March 2009 can be found HERE

Today: The Conspiracy Guy #62, The State of the Union may not have generate much in the way of new policies, but some of what the President had to say was striking, such as keeping Guantanamo open (for pedophiles and corrupt government officials(?)) and that we should not be sending foreign aid to nation’s that are not our friends. If that criterion were to be objectively applied, could we be sending aid to Israel, which attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 during The Six Days War and was the main player on 9/11, which was used to bring the United States into the Middle East to conduct a series of wars–still ongoing–to take out the modern Arab nations that served as a counterbalance to Israel’s domination of the region and to set up for a confrontation with Iran? The imminent release of the House Intelligence Committee’s FISA memo will expose corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI, where a fabricated dossier was used to gain permission to spy on Trump during and even before the campaign, which he was widely ridiculed for having suggested was taking place at the time. The phony “Russian hacking” meme is receding into the dustbin of history and the corruption of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is being revealed for the public to appreciate and understand in spite massive propaganda from the mainstream media, which has its hands full concealing the truth.
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