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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2018.02.28

 Lying Psychopaths are Running the Show

Charles Giuliani is a writer and radio host who is best known for his show Truth Hertz on Oracle Broadcasting. Giuliani was previously an Evangelical but during the latter part of the 2000s became an atheist and his show is strongly critical of religion, particularly what he calls "The Jew Book." Giuliani discusses a wide variety of topics including Jewish supremacism, revisionist history, religion and false flags. After Oracle, Giuliani spent some time on Waking America Radio Network, but moved to the Mami's Shit affiliated Outside Radio. In May 2014. He moved to American Nationalist Network, then to Renegade Broadcasting in September 2015.

Today: Charlie talks about some recent revelations about Parkland and aftermath, discusses the government’s lies and abuses of power, and takes a whole lot of calls.

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Voltman said...

Hogg Tied & Hogg Wild

Yoichi Shimatsu:

"The "barrage of bullets" initially downed his quarry, followed up with his steady slow steps along the hallway to mop up the dying with a merciful coup de grace through the forehead. Therefore the horrifying screaming of the wounded, as heard by the surviving students, did not last for long. He did not continue the pursuit of the fleeing students, presumably because he had achieved his assigned quota of kills, not much different than a bag limit during hunting season.

The plan, therefore, was a controlled count of confirmed dead victims so as not to leave a lot of wounded to suffer for the rest of their lives, a professional practice that's part of standard procedure at tactical-training centers operated by
defense contractors such as the one in Pompano Beach, which employs Kevin Hogg as an adviser and marketing liaison to the FBI, CIA and police departments. The operational rules make sense since there's no point wasting money and time on someone who's no chance of living anything resembling a normal life. Now David, why don't you just choke on that thought over what Dad does for his living? Instead of blaming Americans who comprehend the situation of lawlessness the nation is facing, jut tell your father that he's a despicable war criminal, even if that takes moral backbone."

The Parkland shooters, plural, demonstrated their prior training at weapons handling and in tactical guidelines from either Kevin Hogg's company, called Cubic Simulation Systems, or one of the few other comparable special-ops training programs.

One of the promo videos from Cubic Simulation Systems was re-posted at, so that any casual viewers are not tagged and tracked by that spooky outfit.

The software and visualization package, which trains new recruits to use assault rifles against simulated human targets on video, is called PRISim, an acronym that I have so failed to decipher. Here's a question for PC liberals: Do Black lives matter? Not at Cubic. PRISim offers the pleasure of simulated shootings of African-American criminals at point-blank range. Take note, that's one way to hold down the tax burden for building new prisons. After clearing the bar with an electronic toy gun, the shooter can then progress to firing live ammunition inside their "Village", a model of Ferguson, where novice shooters graduate can open up with short-barrel assault rifles at dummies, like the ones inside and outside Parkland school.

It takes a village of corpses before being awarded a certificate of excellence, as described in Cubic's press release after it won a contract with DuPage College in Glen Ellyn, Illnois, for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA, pronounced "slay"). The 66,000 sq.ft. facility called the Homeland Security Training Center includes a 4,500 sq.ft "tactical village" (otherwise known as the ghetto). an indoor two-story replica of a downtown street used for immersion training.

This isn't about a lone gunman, it's a massive killing machine. If this is what the American citizenry is going to be facing soon, it's time to legalize 30mm Gatling guns for home protection. Now consider the fact that PRISim is the business as usual that puts food on the table in the Hogg dining room."

For the rest of Yoichi Shimatsu's detective report: