Saturday, March 10, 2018

Swallowed by the swamp

Published: Friday, 09 March 2018 21:14

Once they have you in their clutches, 
there is no one to turn to for help


American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Nowadays I would modify that to “those who trade liberty for safety wind up with neither, and very often wind up dead.”

Consider the plight of Monika Schaefer, a Canadian fiddle player snatched off the streets of Germany for disagreeing with the phony story that maintains the Jewish fiction of World War II — you know — the magical SIX MILLION number that has earned billions of dollars for greedy Jews despite the empirically proven number of all deaths (not just Jews) in the German labor camps being only 273,905 according to International Red Cross statistics published in 1980 (later raised to 296,081 by scholar Germar Rudolf).

Trapped in a German jail, awaiting a trial for the Jewish crime of “defaming the memory of the dead”, there is no avenue of appeal for Monika. Her own government is in fact complicit in her incarceration, just as it was in the kidnapping of Ernst Zündel, who languished in jail for more than a decade despite never being found guilty of anything but violating these Jewish pseudolaws regarding anti-Semitism.


Voltman said...

The Deep Swamp is the Devil's Wet Dream

Once upon a swamp, there was a petro-dollar town
Close to the sea, it wasn't built on solid ground
The people had forgotten to unplug their dirty drains
In came the hurricanes and they were swamped by heavy rains

They had cried out loud for a chump to drain the swamp
But the hurricane came, turned the swamp into a dump
Now the dirty stinking swamp is like a deadly sea
The houses are all flooded as far as you can see

The petro-town is floating in a kind of petri dish
The town is full of garbage and smells like stinky fish
Like the pentagon, Washington and the Sayanim
Houston Town is sinking and I don't Want To Swim!

Welcome to my nightmare... The Devil's Wet Dream

The Deep Swamp is gurgling with deadly pharmaceuticals, bubbling with fuming petrochemicals and teeming with vicious neoconderthals.

The Deep Swamp is overflowing with the rotten corpses of hildabeasts, rodham rodents, senseless obamanations, psychopunks, mindless drunks and spineless skunks, feasting on the bloated carcasses of oilodon gluttons infested with slithering nuclear snakes, poisonous Komodo Dragons and Trumped-up lizards.

The Deep Swamp is spinning like a hurricane of lying hypocritters swimming in a pool of slimy money monsters.

The Deep Swamp is booming with the thundering sound of hippos stomping and pentagoons galloping across Syria in the wrong direction with their pantaloons ass-backwards.

The Deep Swamp is oozing with rabid zio-zombies and exploding with seditious, traitorous tyrannosaurs and rotten children from the Rothschild empire of usury, misery and tyranny.

This Decomposting Deep Swamp Stinkfest was brought to you by...

Voltman Plutonymus Rex

Voltman said...

Santa Monika's Revelation

She uncovers the truth of her generation
And discovers the root of her liberation
Speaks and sings with ease, a source of inspiration

Played Don Messer's breakdown
Candles glowing in the wind
And danced me to the end of love
With her plywood violin
First she took Alberta
Then she took Berlin



Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison
Lasha Darkmoon February 27, 2018


Alfred Schaefer:
February 27, 2018 at 11:28 am

Thank you for posting this. They are in their final panic as the Goyim awaken, they only talk about the “Shoa” and avoid the word “Holocaust” as they know it has been used up.

The latest attack on myself was justified by the claim that my work “undermines the trust that people have in our system of justice and law”. They stole all the electronic equipment they could find. They do not even mention the Hollow Hoax any more, nor do they claim incitement, only I am undermining the peoples trust in our system. Now they ordered me to appear in one of their interrogation centres. Here is my response to that:


Dance me to the end of love