Friday, March 2, 2018

The Progressive Radio Network Is No Longer Carrying The Conspiracy Guy

As of Friday March 3rd 2018. The Pussy Radio Network has dropped James Fetzer’s show “The Conspiracy Guy” due to disheartening show content. We do not support the views Mr. Fetzer has expressed on his program and have decided it would be best for the station and Mr. Fetzer if we both moved forward. There will be a new show to be announced in his time slot of Wednesday’s at 9pm est within the next few weeks.

We would like to thank the listeners of The Pussy Radio Network for understanding as we will continue to move on as the best Liberal Bullshit Radio station.


Amanda said...

so what was so "disheartening"? truth about the staged events and hoaxes? the jewish gun grab?

foon1e said...

looking at the sheer number of Jews in their "Hosts" section?? I'm surprised he lasted there as long as he did!

Scorpio said...

"Disheartening show content' is code for censorship.

The Ogster said...

what the fuck were they thinking taking Fetzer on?
Jim now openly talks about the jews, holocaust being a hoax

and he last 3 shows

A Brister said...

PRN has aired Fetzer's show for at least a year or more. Why all of a sudden are Fetzer's views "disheartening?" I am very disappointed with Gary Null. His network has several shows where the hosts and guests still maintain the Democrats good, Republicans bad, Killary was robbed narrative. Gary rips Killary, Obama, and the Dems a new a-hole regularly. If he allows those shows to still be on, why not Fetzer's? Surely he knew Fetzer's background when he okayed adding The Conspiracy Guy to the lineup. I would love to know the real reason for this sudden censorship. A few days after PRN axed Fetzer's show, Gary on his show (Gary Null Show) was talking about the powers that be trying to get rid of Sean Hannity's show. Gary said while he did not agree with most of Hannity's views, Hannity should be allowed a forum to express his views. Talk about hypocrisy gone mad. Fetzer and Gary agree on more issues than they disagree on but Gary's PRN joins the censorship bandwagon and boots Fetzer off the air. Me thinks the real reason PRN axed Fetzer is because he didn't denounce Trump enough. Fetzer criticizes Trump by not on a 24/7 unending loop. Sad day when I heard PRN had done this; I thought they were better than this.