Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Because It's Wednesday: April 18, 2018

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Voltman said...

That's a good one!!!
Excellent choice!

By the way, I sent Jeff Rense a near copy of my email to Joel Skousen about North Korea. Here is the response from Mary followed by my response to her.

J Rense

4:27 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Jeff has been looking for China or Russia to step in and announce they are backing Kim’s right to protect his people. As it is, we don’t see Trump’s ‘summit’ coming up with ANYTHING. We also suggest that Kim ONLY agree to attend such a conference in China, Russia or N Korea.

It is far too easy to take someone out…


> From: Daniel Major
> Date: April 18, 2018 at 5:28:24 AM PDT
> To:

Here's my message to Joel Skoundrel:

I hope North Korea gets equipped with russian S-500 air defense systems as well as the latest electronic warfare systems and then gives the US terrorists 2 weeks to get the fuck out of Korean waters or else their sitting duck carriers will be blown to hell along with all the other US weapons of mass destruction!!!!

If Skousen needs to bomb somebody, he should consider the REAL enemy of the American people: ISRAHELL!

Daniel Major

5:38 PM (10 minutes ago)

to J
Hi Mary,

Thanks for your reasoned reply.

"It is far too easy to take someone out…"

Yes, as Zbignews Berzerkski once said: "it used to be easier to control large groups of people than to kill large groups of people; these days, it's easier to kill large numbers of people than control them."

There is no use in negotiating anything with the US government since they are untrustworthy terrorists.

The US always refers to leaders they don't like as "brutal dictators"; therefore, North Korea should DICTATE to the biggest terrorist organization in the world and order them to go away and shut up!!

That should give the yapping hyenas in the jewish media something to scream about for a few weeks...or at least until the next false flag extravaganza erupts...