Friday, April 6, 2018

Doug Stanhope: " Fuck the Jews! " (YouTube Banned)

This video has been embedded on the front page of  this site for many years. YouTube did delete the original and I had to replace it last year. Now YouTube just deleted all the ones available.

The whole show " No Refunds " is still posted on their wicked site though, so I downloaded it and recorded the Jew bashing part with VLC and proceeded to upload it to BitChute.

Let's see if the Jewish trolls can now have it taken down from BitChute.

Doug Stanhope "I Hate the Jews"


Voltman said...

YouTube has been an incredible asset over the years but that's it. They will continue to be useful for a while but in the long run, they're doomed by their
cowardice and stupidity. What else is new?

THEY are going down the YouTubes!

The real value in YouTube is the mass of contributors! They need to abandon these censorship monstrosities with their annoying and ridiculous advertising practices and create new platforms.

Nobody in their right mind needs all these phony bullshit providers. They're lazy parasites with way more money than brains! Obviously!!!

YouTube will become THEIRTube; facebook is turning into assbook and Google will be Joogle.

Everything THEY touch, THEY turn to shit! You can bet on it.
To hell with the Bullshit Industrial Complex!!!

They can shut down the whole Internet tomorrow along with the rest of the hardware and the echos of recent discoveries and realizations will continue to reverberate all over the world, way beyond the confines of the fake shepherd's fake pasture for fake sheeple.

(Definition of shepherd: a person who tends sheep.)

From the People's Republic of The Internet,

O'Kanabec, Land of the free


We don't need indoctrination
We don't need no thought control
No dark censorship of our content
Censor! Leave them vids alone

Leave them vids alone!!

All and all, you're just another prick in the stall
All and all you're just another dick at the wall

Another Brick In The Wall

1776blues said...

You can find the video on Hook Tube which advertises itself as follows;

"Share YouTube videos without giving them views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Keep your data private from the G."

Doug Stanhope - No Refunds - Jews

zapoper said...

Hooktube is useless because Google chrome blocks it whith this excuse: " This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

It does that with many sites. I see it as a form of censorship because it doesn't allow you to override it. I'm surprised that no one is talking about it.

I can't even visit with chrome for the same reason. My main browser is palemoon so I don't care but it looks to me like a good way to make people not visit some sites.

1776blues said...

Okay Zap, I didn't know that, but then again I'm not real knowledgeable on the tech side! Thanks for the info!