Sunday, April 22, 2018

Our M8 @Ian56789 from Twitter

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Voltman said...

Not Enough People

We keep hearing "there's too many people"...

There are too many fakes on the tele-tubbie boob tube!
Too many flakes taking cues from Barbie JouTube
Too many crooks and way too many kooks
Torturing our soul and burning honest books

There are way too many phonies tweeting tele-phonies
Too many pretenders selling out for legal tender
Too many shadow banners stealing all your best ideas
Redefining your Profile, saying Truth is a disease
Too many people spending time categorizing
Stereotyping, disrupting, weaponizing
And all they come up with is a a stinky pile of bull

Shit! Too many actors looking like a zombie
Sassy assassins all dressed up to kill
News Bully wannabees chosen by the jews
No matter who you choose, you know you're gonna loose
The Great Again Bully from Bully Boulevard
Is whipping up a frenzy, going full retard
They are owned by those jews, until we blow their fuse
Do you believe the bullies and their phony "government"?

Do you support the bullies barking orders in the army?
Paid to murder and obey any order based on lies?
I don't respect the stupid bullies in "intelligence"!
I don't endorse the ignorant bullies in "education"!
Do you trust all the bullies blowing doe in high finance?
I don't support the carbon tax, income tax and sales tax.
The IRS, the BIS, the IMF and the NSA.
I hope one day they go away
And shut up.

There are too many people letting fakers make up shit
Too many sheeple letting liars get away with it
Over and over and over and over
They're addicted to lies, I can't get over it
Over and over and over and over
Where are the friars? Get out your fryers!

I'm near the end, close to the edge
Of the page and I don't see...
Enough people...

There are too many psychopaths
Not so many naturopaths

Some say "it's all good". How can they say that?
They're up to no good. Next they'll say the Earth's flat!

There are not enough people with money...
Financing those who sacrifice
For Justice and Truth

There are not enough people with courage...
Fighting for our planet and its true inhabitants.

There are not enough people...
Helping those who sacrifice so much for Humanity
Integrity and Service, Intelligence and Beauty
Harmony and Friendship, Love and Creativity

There are not enough people...

That's all!