Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday Alternative Cartoons 2018.05.19

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Voltman said...

The Great American Freak Show

The US Industrial Bullshit Complex always refers to real leaders as "brutal dictators".

North Korea should tell the biggest terrorist organization in the world to go away and shut up!!!

North Korea should get equipped with russian S-500 air defense systems as well as the latest electronic warfare systems and then give the US terrorists 2 weeks to get
the fuck out of Korean waters or else their sitting duck carriers will be blown to hell along with all the other US weapons of mass destruction in the vicinity!

If Trumpenstein must bomb somebody, he should consider the REAL enemy of the American people: ISRAHELL and their insufferable supporters!

The law that says we must bomb countries that are governed by brutal dictators and their evil regimes calls for the bombing of israhell. israhell gets away with mass murder and crimes of all kinds on a scale that makes Saddam, Assad and Gadhafi look like Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Saint John the apostle.

The War on Brutal Dictators also calls for the destruction of the US regime along with the many brutal dictators in the citi of london and the vatican.

There is no use in negotiating anything with the US government since they are untrustworthy terrorists and vile mercenaries.

The police at the United Nations should have long ago dragged out and wrestled to the floor that nutty Nikki Haley for being such a stinking sack of rotting garbage. This outrageously absurd lying machine is competing with nutty netanyahoo for the title of "Industrial Bullshit Maniac of the Year". This phony actress has been allowed, so far, to continuously spread diseases that the doctors haven't even identified yet...since most doctors are infected by those same diseases: Hemorrhagic Stupiditas, Sadistic Fibrosis and the Disease of Conceit.

Those diseases, Hemorrhagic Stupiditas, Sadistic Fibrosis and the Disease of Conceit, have been ravaging the likes of John "I am the walrus" Dolton, Kike Pompedo, Trumpenstein, Clitory, Obomba, Pedosta, Insane McCain, Lindsay Gayham and the rest of those twisted father fuckers in The Great American Freak Show.

"When retired CIA analysts are being dragged by police out of a Senate hearing for exposing the horrendous crimes of the person being appointed to head the CIA, it speaks to the level of tyranny which has taken hold in America."

"Gina Haspel reportedly participated in the torture of detainees because... she enjoyed it.”