Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The terrible truth about terror

Published: Wednesday, 09 May 2018 12:27

Our government hires enemies so it can protect us from them


A man can never be happy living in a country he doesn’t believe in.

His mind will always be hesitant about who has his back.

Our government has committed the very crimes it pretends to investigate. Our government has hired the terrorists it pretends to fight. Our government is abusing the people it is supposed to protect.

When our leaders constantly lie to us — as every president always does — confidence in our own integrity deteriorates. In order to be comfortable, we are forced to believe the lies (such as “They hate our freedoms!”) and we are told to make the best of it. This of course quickly leads to the worst of it.

When American troops participate in a slaughter of innocents either overseas or at home, genuine Americans cringe in shame that their country could be so senselessly barbaric. But from Hiroshima to Dresden to My Lai to Fallujah, America has always been that way — needlessly brutal and lying about what it has actually done.


Voltman said...

Another excellent article by John Kaminsky! I agree with everything he wrote.

Erik Paul said...

A great article but the "they hate our freedom" quote was not a lie because when GW Bush said "the people who knocked the towers down hate your freedom," he was telling the truth.