Saturday, June 30, 2018

Actively being blocked from uploading at two days after "a review"

     Back in April, some guy wrote a review of an old 2015 Rense show.  Read it here and look at the time stamp. Two days later I posted this. Again look at the time stamp.

Coincidence? LOL

    At first, I had found an easy workaround their "ban" and sort of forgot about it. Now I realize that it took them two months and a half to ban me completely from uploading. That is some serious dedication on their part. lol

This is what it looks like when I try to upload

    They make it look as if it's a network problem but it's not. After no longer being able to upload, I created a second account which worked for two days before they applied the same tactic.

BTW. Do not look for Rense. Tonight was an encore show.


Dr Goebbels said...

Nobody is commenting but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that your continued work and effort through all kinds of hassles to bring us shows seven days a week is really really appreciated. If I had to record and rip all these shows myself it would be an enormous task! Thank you Zap!

Erik Paul said...

Ditto to that Doc! Why don't we all buy Zap a cup.

zapoper said...

You're welcome guys.

I just found a hosting site that uses https and allows hotlinks. The free trial is 59 days but I bet they will shorten that because of the bandwidth being used. 1TB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and 20GB maximum upload files size when you pay 16.99$ USD a month.

1melahat said...

Zap, I'd like to show my appreciation for your hard work and dedication. Is there a way to do that with PayPal or something?

Zeebra said...

ditto re all the good-on-Zap love above; Mami's has been a fixture in my life for... 6-7 years?!

really helped accelerate my red pilling, esp wrt the JP. Makes it tricky though when dealing with "half truthers" who are sincere but still "benignly ignorant" re the JP root... and they're on about what an imminent threat the MUZZIES are! /facepalm

generally thankless work, but zap can just watch file play/download numbers to know how many he's reaching

many of these shows are nearly un-listenable with all their original mind numbing commercial breaks, which zap removes-- plus zap often fixes sound problems with the originals

so 3 cheers for zap ! ! !

Erik Paul said...

To donate with PayPal, click on the coffee cup ☕ on the left in the web version. Zap, can you reposition the cup so it appears on the mobile version?

Erik Paul said...

er, make that the cup's on the right

zapoper said...

I added some widgets to the mobile version including the "Buy zap a cup of coffee"

When you're on a mobile and you click on a show like this one:

You scroll down and will see them.

I know that approximately half of the traffic on mami's is done with mobiles but I assume that when these people come home, they visit Mami's through the regular web page.

That is why I did not respond to 1melahat's comment thinking that he was being sarcastic.

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding the PayPal link at the bottom of the pages on mobile screen view - makes it very easy for me now not to forget