Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fake as f*ck jonestein - Jump to 12 minutes


coincidenceskeptic said...

What this all proves is that you can spend billions on campaigns, and still get less than half the people to vote for you....Or....you can gas your people and get 86%. Make mine nitrous oxide.

Voltman said...

Who says Alex Jones is a liar?

Just replace terms like "globalists", liberals, fascists with terms like "Rothschild Zionists", Satanists, Jews, Jewsuits, monopoly crapitalists, etc...

I agree with Alex Jones!

"Donald Trump shit his fucking pants at the moment of truth."
"He shit all over everybody."

"That cocksucker knows full fucking well that Al Qaeda and ISIS staged these fake chemical attacks."

- Alex Jones


Yes Mr. Jones, you are correct.

The so-called citizens of the "West" who believe MBS (Mainstream Bull Shit) are ignorant, stupid, gullible and conceited...Like Netanyahu, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel,
May, and so many more...Way too many phonies to name in this lost comment on the soon to be scrubbed internet of truth. There's more than enough of these criminally insane NWO gangsters to fill these concentration FEMA camps they built, by the way...

Don't forget that we're in the post-truth era. This is what the evil elite of hyper criminal greed meisters, the Bilder Burger Kings, have decreed with their ridiculously absurd war against truth. Talk about mentally deranged psychos!
I hope their pants do catch fire some day...

Sane people do not allow such imbeciles to impose such "laws". Laws like "hate speech laws", "laws" that put Ursula Haverbeck and Monica Schaefer in jail for example...

Alex Jones is relatively sane compared to the mindless automatons who get payed to enforce such "laws" and impose the plans of the banking elite crime syndicate.

Yes, Donald Trump shit his fucking pants at the moments of truth and that cocksucker belongs in Concentration Camp along with all the repuglicrats, presstitutes, pentagoons, media dumbass whores and assordid swamp monsters in that Great Anglo-American-Zionist-Jewish Banker Freak Show.