Sunday, June 17, 2018

Light Speed is LieSpeed - Speed of Light DEBUNKED

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Erik Paul said...

So exactly how does this retard's silly "thought experiment" disprove anything about the speed of light? I came up with the same idea when I was in grade school in an attempt to figure out how superluminal signalling could happen. Problem is, there is no such thing as a perfectly rigid anything. In fact there's no solid anything because matter is a form of energy and it's mostly empty space. Light has a speed that can be measured as can any electromagnetic wave and it changes with the medium in which it travels.

And numerous physicists believe information can travel faster than light. Has this pinhead ever heard of tachyons, the EPR effect or Bohm's implicate order? Of course he hasn't because those ideas are in books. This pathetic dunce and his miseducated and diseducated followers probably also think the Earth is flat! I mean, just look outside...don't look like no spinning ball to me!