Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Netanyahu Uncensored

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Voltman said...

Navel gazing narcissistic fake humanitarian
Rabid lubavitcher rabbis hypnotize the yanks
Propagating communistic snowflake proletarian
Sorcerers scorch the Earth while Bankers fuel the tanks

MOSSADistic psycho sniper Doctor Terrorizer
So sadistic sicko viper I will memorize her
The liars own the media, the networks and the cash
They twisted Wikipedia, the rest they turn to trash

The liars with big money love big-time racketeering
Extortion and abortion, bribery and robbery
Cocksucking sissies and trafficking pussies
Young male relations and blackmail fellations

Rothschild devil, mercenary killers
Bat-shit bummers, bombing with the Air Force
Furious murderers, Bolshevik torturers
Fender bending genders, fucking with the life force

The winners are The Liars
Give 'em their Stanley Cup
Hope their pants catch fire
Enough to shut them up



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