Monday, June 25, 2018

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.06.25

Graham and Brizer's guest: Jan Lamprecht

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Joyster said...

"European christian culture, by default" ...?
Are you sure this is historically accurate?
Can you please provide proof?
Thank you

Unknown said...

It's all bullcrap, South Africans Boers are the most arrogant arsehole pricks you'll ever come across! I'd rather hang out with a black South African any day of the week...

Asskick Films said...

It is just my own definition and a conclusion I've personally come to Joyster. It certainly needs more discussion in my opinion. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I'm not there Unknown so I don't know.

liam said...

Asskick Films, interesting you use the word 'discussion', very European, as opposed to 'debate', very judaic / abrahamic. Even though their scriptures tell then "Settle your dispute with your neighbour, if you go to court, prepare to go to jail, it is dishonourable to argue" I papaphrase as not a habitual reader of the text.

liam said...

Unknown - Is that a known known you speak of. Consider getting on down to Western Melbourne and see how you are received.

liam said...

Here is my known known - I feel shame that my ancestors crossed a great southern ocean, The Indian Ocean, to kill farmers, for king and country with God at their side. Did they volunteer, from false doctrine from their churches, or were they conscripted?
Is it an abrahamic demon that formulates such blood-lust to over-ride logic thought? Or simply the gullibility of the goy having swallowed the "European christian culture, by default" meme.

Unknown said...

Pffft inner Melbourne is worse and its all the meth addled bogans!

I know the whenwes all too well (when-we-were-back-in-south-africa) arrogant douchebags to a man