Thursday, July 5, 2018

sayanim Emily Fired, Lauren Leaves, Call-Ins | TPS #68


Tim said...

how the fuck is emily sayanim???

jf has gone retard

Tim said...

if ya had followed the situation jf is doing a baked alaska with full autism and disingenuousness (censoring people for fake hate speech 'crimes' he already committed)

The Ogster said...

fill us in
what has been happening

Tim said...

to ognir: - jf is autistic quebecois scientist (biology) with an interesting past
- does shows with warski, lot of trolling and fun, he adds alt right to the show, disavows warski when he cucks
- starts doing own show, so far so good
- hires lauren rosenburg as cohost whereas the audience wanted emily youcis for youci is ela alt right and lauren rosenburg is alt light trad thot
- lauren adds little, starts attacking real wn people + activists like patrick little, audience not happy....., jf starts whiteknighting with ridiculous reasoning
- jf starts banning his audience as part of whiteknight campaign which is not even appreciated by lauren oy vey rose
- banning war with audience continues but now jf adds candaian sjw standards of hate speech and in doing so denies everything he did before that more autism and lies

- lauren rosenstein quits (whiteknighting doesn't work........, don't expect jf to admit this....)
- famous cringeworthy show with emily where jf goes full sjw retard and tries to silence his guest (or maybe new showhost) in order to keep the sheckels coming , and cucks to jewtube hatespeech nonsense (lies about it all in autistic manner)

Tim said...

other commenters on jf:
Krixx Set

"This guy claims that the "truth" is his main concern and the pursuit of it is his main driving principal yet all of his actions seem to point to the fact that he is in fact willing to ignore truths and censor people if it means he is able to protect his income. He did not seem to have a problem with these ideas though, when he was using them to gain popularity... He is extremely transparent and fails to recognize this and then goes even further by insulting his audience and claiming they are bots.. This is Pure narcissism to the point of psychopathy... Thats not even mentioning the prior events with Warski or extremely questionable behavior from his personal life.... Agree or disagree with this, it makes no difference.. JF WILL continue to expose himself for the cunt he is."

3 uur geleden
"JF has committed total self-immolation. His pomposity, and pedanticism, coupled with his INNATE leftist/feminist/politically correct origins, ultimately pollute his streams. Lauren Rose was completely vapid, she added nothing to the show. Emily, had superior talent to him, so he attempted to give her a series of embarrassing, clitorodectomies the past few episodes. How dare this cuck insult her, call her a "donkey," an "idiot" and say she has the memory of a fish? I wish I could have my $20 in shekel chats back, I will never watch him again."