Sunday, July 15, 2018

More Feel good Moments from the Shitlib Crowd


Jack said...

"In the next war the uniform will be the color of the skin."

George Lincoln Rockwell was right.

Scorpio said...

You got jungle fever, BB?

Scorpio said...

Do a little research into MLK before spouting off the MSM narrative.
Thanks in advance,

Unknown said...

Fucking Jews, MIRITE?

zapoper said...


Unknown said...

Dude it's a nonsense to say "there are good Jews" or "there are bad Christians" it's not the bloody point. It's very clear to anyone with eyes and years that the Christians aren't really running the joint anymore so they're not really a threat.

But look at who actually is running the world and the fucked up agenda they push and the fucking holohoax mythology they hind behind!

For crying out no one cares if you have a mixed marriage, it's the pushing of it on every commercial which is clearly an agenda.

Scorpio said...

@BB - By the 1960's, the KKK was stacked to the gills with FIB agents. I am not here to defend 'Dr' Duck. I am suspicious of his motives on several levels. As far as mixed marriages go, that's a personal choice. MLK was a plagiarist and a fraud. He was probably a pawn in a much bigger (((agenda))) that he did not understand.

Unknown said...

From one of zaps links

"My paternal grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. She survived the Lodz ghetto, three concentration camps, the Dresden bombing (as a munitions factory slave laborer) and a Death March before she was liberated by the Russians"
Read more:

Hahaha who buys this crap?