Friday, July 13, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup – Globalism vs Nationalism

We Americans aren’t necessarily the greatest soccer (football) fans, but having been an expatriate for over a decade in the heart of the Levant, I have come to some appreciation for “the beautiful game”. Now, mind you, it doesn’t rank up there with such North American sports as hockey or baseball, but it sure beats watching over paid “African Americans” parading after every small minutia of accomplishment on the football field as is seen all the time in American football.

My goodness, American football has digressed to overt shows of “look at me” non- sense.  Some guy makes a first down, and they bounce up shaking their arses and giving us all the “first down sign”, and never mind the theatrics one has to endure when someone catches a well thrown football for a touchdown.


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It's strange, I don't remember French people looking like that.