Monday, July 2, 2018

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.07.02

Graham and Brizer's guest: clint richardson. Vaccines and more

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Unknown said...

Man people talk some bullshit!! Monsanto pot?? Bwaaahaaahaahaa GTFO!

The pot is much better today than 20 years ago and that includes medicinally

Annette A said...

As companion pieces to this podcast, I am adding links to Clint's articles.

Authors Note: Please read this to its end. This will change your whole perspective on history. There is way more happening here than meets the eye, and this will both shock you and explain why every generation is so different from the next, why some are up and some are depressed. Why? It’s not the economy. It’s because we have all been on different drugs promoted by doctors and false advertising! You won’t believe what I’ve put together here. After days of collecting and organizing these photos, please pay me the curtesy of fully examining this incredible history of one drug-induced generation after the next. This is extremely important. Thank you. -Clint

also this artic

Annette A said...

in case the 2nd link didn't paste correctly, here is is again